PFF Grades Vs Packers


Am I allowed to post this?

Too late now. You’re already screwed, if you can’t.:laughing:

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lol i figured the MODs can take it down if its an issue :sweat_smile:

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The Commish kicking ass and taking names!


Interesting Jamo is up there! Also Jackson was low again, he’s had some low scores this year I think? Kinda weird.

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All 3 of these guys are FAs and need to be re-signed. I feel about Buggs what most feel about AA, but I think they can both be important depth/rotational pieces.


Honestly Goff’s is most surprising. He had a meh first half. Didn’t look like one of his better games this season overall. He was clutch down the stretch and there were a few drops, but why this game was better than many where he scored a bunch of TDs with a higher completion % and got a 50 pff… I can’t say.


I thought the same thing.

Now you need to go to confession

Strange. Jamo dropped a pass. Jackson had some great lead blocks :person_shrugging:

Yeah I thought the same thing… who knows what they look at though sometimes.

Houston graded pretty low but not surprised.

He did almost have a sack, but Rodgers got past the LOS and it was just a tackle… he was close. His jump offsides hurt though

PFF can post whatever they want and you either think it’s valuable or you think it’s garbage. Once you have credibility, it doesn’t matter anymore.

I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s trash :man_shrugging:t2:

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I think it has warts, but I think it has value as one piece of info on performance.

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Paschal had a pretty tough rookie season between the injuries and limited snaps. Looking forward to seeing him bounce back next season.

Also, I know there is already a thread about whether the team should re-sign Jamal… but look at his pass block grade vs Swifts. Jamal has an 82 pass block grade which is fantastic while Swift has a 29 pass block grade. Gulp. This team isn’t going to go into next year with a rookie and Swift as the guys protection Goff.


I do agree Jamaal is likely to be re-signed and is a better pass blocker.

I also wouldn’t looks at a PFF score to come to that conclusion…
because Jamaal is typically passing blocking off a play action fake…
and Swift is more likely to pass block on a straight drop back in more
obvious passing situations.

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I think they put an emphasis on turnover worthy plays and big time throws.

Goff had at least two big time throws. The dime to Jamo and the bomb to Kalif. Even thought the former was wiped out due to penalty

I also don’t remember any dropped interceptions

That pass to Jamo looked turnover worthy to me. The guy in front of Jamo was late turning his head and it would have been a tough play, but it was well within his reach to intercept if he had seen it a tick sooner. So wondering if that play counted or didn’t count in his PFF, because to me, that was the one where they had a chance at it.

Side note, wondering if Jamo as a rookie is moving his hands too early tipping off defenders the ball is coming. Wondering if that is part of what he is working on to earn more reps.

Here is the sandman time stamp of that play. The throw is perfect on the numbers but 25 puts his hands up just a tick too late: Lions vs Packers Slowlights 2 2022 - YouTube