PFF Guard Rankings: Top 32 ahead of the 2024 NFL season

Zeitler ranked 6th overall.


Zeitler earned the first Pro Bowl nod of his career in 2023, a long-overdue accolade for the veteran guard. He has consistently been one of the best pass-blocking guards in the NFL since he was drafted by the Bengals in 2012.

After three years with the Ravens, Zeitler joined the Lions this offseason and will become an integral part of an already stellar offensive line. His 82.5 PFF pass-blocking grade in 2023 ranked second, and his pass-blocking grade has dipped below 70.0 only once in his career, back in 2020.

Glasgow ranked 27th overall (way too low IMO, but he is switching sides).


Glasgow returned to the Lions in 2023 after three seasons with the Denver Broncos and slotted in at right guard. The veteran earned a 75.1 PFF overall grade in 16 games, the eighth highest among all guards in 2023, while his 82.1 run-blocking grade ranked fifth.

He was rewarded with a three-year, $20 million contract to return to the Lions in the offseason and will resume his role as the starting right guard on one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.

Glasgow may be one of the Lions most underrated players

Jonah J ranked 30th overall


Jackson struggled with injuries in his four years with the Lions, but he’s been a starter in every game he’s played in. The four-year veteran earned a 61.0 PFF overall grade in 12 games this past year, including four with a pass-blocking grade of at least 80.0.

Now, Jackson has signed a hefty three-year, $51 million contract with the Los Angeles Rams and will hope to help improve an improving offensive line. That can happen if he stays healthy.

MASSIVE upgrades from the start of last year
Started with Jackson and Vaiti last year.
Now we got Glasgow and Zietler.

Glassgow is top 10 in Run Blocking
Zeitler top 10 in Pass Pro .

Vaiti’s back left the chat.
And jackson seamed like he took plays/games off. Claiming he was injured but Rags next to him is held together with duct tape so whatever SEEYA

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I love where we are at…and would also like to connect the dots on some of the energetic stuff the coaches could see and had the vision to predict

Vatai was massive in Sewell’s development. Not that he wouldnt’ have been awesome anyway, but when we sucked, it was much better for the OL, and specifically Sewell to have Vatai there.

Same with guys like Anzalone, Flowers (very early on), the coaches served very much as veteran leadership…and that “flavor” of brotherhood has been huge.
Glasgow having experienced prior rosters, Hutch being raised around the Lions, Ragnow & T-Deck → this component has been HUGE for our development. Stir in Goff’s “chip” from being dissed by the Yelluh’Sheep

This is the ingredients of a pretty special soup.



@Bols i said awhile back that they need to do a campbells chunky soup endorsement with dan and play on the knee caps speech.

Would be fantastic and much better than the mcvay etc trash they had before.

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Yeah 2 guys kinda fling under the radar is Zeitler and Reader. These 2 signings will be very impactful. Zeitler will make a great online Elite. And Reader he will make everyone around him better with him and McNeil in the middle Hutch and who ever will be monsters on the outside. These are 2 great signings that we don’t take about as much as we probably should.


Dan Campbell Win GIF by Detroit Lions

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I’m excited for the Zietler signing but I’m also very interested to see how sorsdal has developed. Where they play him, and how high is his upside.

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I hope Sorsdal kicks ass in preseason and plays 0 snaps in the regular season. When was the last time we had 2 healthy guards? Big V was always injured and Jonah missed a bunch of games too. Before that TJ Lang was made of glass.

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