PFF Mock Draft Simulator has been updated to reflect actual picks & allows you to start with Rd 2

I’ve run a few and the guys who keep showing up at No. 41 are:

WR Elijah Moore
CB Asante Samuel
LB Nick Bolton/WR Terrance Marshall (if Bolton goes, Marshall is there and vice versa)
WR Dyami Brown
LB Jabril Cox
S Jevon Holland

They have it at a 4th to. I’ve up to the Jets slot at the top of the round. Seems low. No way am I trading anything from next year, especially anything high to move up.

Running the sim, it’s usual the same few guys off the board and a couple tat change.

Barmore, JOK, and Ojulari usually gone.

I keep doing it over and over and over and i always pick the same guys so here it is. Stamp it in stone

Penei sewell ot
Elijah moore wr
Jabril cox lb
Jamar johnson s
Josh palmer wr
Tay gowen cb

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Traded up out of Rounds 4 & 5, to get better quality players in Rounds 2 & 3.


I had been picking Johnson a lot, but then I read why he’s ranked so low–a ton of missed tackles on his resume.


Like that one a lot, but have soured somewhat on Jamar Johnson due to this:

Johnson finished eighth nationally with four picks while also recording 43 tackles , including one sack and 3.5 stops for loss. … He missed tackles on 18 of the 80 opportunities he had to make a stop during his three seasons, including five whiffs this past season at Ohio State.

we need LB’s - early and often!

Moore, Cox and Johnson would be ideal for the major holes currently left on the Lions roster.


I see what you did there

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Well then

ha! Well we already have a giant Penei and Penisini. How many Moore Cox or Johnsons do we need?

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Don’t forget Rumph.

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As many as possible, lol

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Would make a hell of a law firm… with a special interest in defending cases following vice stings.

miami vice deal with it GIF

I think we…

saul goodman GIF


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Not the WR I wanted, but otherwise, GIVE IT TO ME!

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starting to think theres a chance JOK will be there. that would be unreal.