PFF numbers. Baltimore beatdown

snipped from reddit u/grandmasterpra

“The Top 5:

Taylor Decker - 84.6

Penei Sewell - 71.9

Graham Glasgow - 70.7

Alim McNeil - 69.7

Alex Anzalone - 69.1

Bottom 5:

Derrick Barnes - 28.6

Jack Campbell - 36.5

Jameson Williams - 38.7

Cameron Sutton - 47.2

Halpoulivaati Vaitai - 49.7

Some Observations:

  • This is two straight weeks of bad performances by Frank Ragnow (56, 57) which, given his reputation is surprising
  • This was Goff’s worst graded game of the season (58.6). He dropped from 1st to 5th overall in PFF’s rankings after this game. Number 1 is now Lamar
  • Much like Ragnow, Aidan Hutchinson has also strung together two bad weeks (59.8, 56.6)
  • Great to see Decker back to his old self. Best grade of the season for him by a lot
  • Kerby Joseph is unfortunately having a big sophomore slump. He was ok his first 4 games, but a 27.9 grade last week followed by a 54.3 this week. They need him to pick it up
  • Cominsky has been pretty bad all year. Only had one game all year with a grade over 63
  • Offensive Line as a whole actually graded out pretty good which is surprising to me
  • Kalif has played way less snaps the last two weeks. Maybe that is cause of Jamo? Either way he has played well all year, don’t get why he is losing so many snaps.
  • Jack Campbell is having a rough rookie season. 44.3 For the season
  • Jameson Williams really needs to get things figured out. Of the WR’s who have had at least 12 targets this season (110 of them), he is graded DEAD LAST.
  • Raven’s Grades for this game, Besides Lamar (89.7) weren’t actually all that amazing. Lamar was the only one graded 80 or higher. Basically the Lions played very poorly and Lamar was awesome.
  • Anzalone continues to play well. This is now 4 straight weeks of good to great linebacker play
  • Not too worried about it. But LaPorta has been cooling off after a red hot start. He was the 3rd highest graded TE weeks 1-4, but only ranked 15th overall the last 3 weeks. Hopefully related to the injury
  • Cam Sutton has been a great addition to the team, but very inconsistent. 81.8 last week, 47.2 this week. He’s kind of all over the place. But when he is good, he is really good.
  • This was St. Brown’s lowest grade of the season (65.2). But that just shows how good he is. “

Yea that doesn’t make much sense. Goff was taking a lot of hits. Sewell even had mulitple penalties.

I thought it was the worst game from the oline all season


Leaf’s lack of playing time on offense is hard to understand.


Bottom five sure explains the blowout.

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Yep - LB’s were simply awful. I know Anzalone graded out OK but Barnes and especially Campbell were brutal. I would have hoped Barnes was better given his experience but neither of them played sound, disiciplined football. It honestly looked like the entire defense was afraid of Lamar breaking containment and it caused them to react slowly or play out of position. It was maddening for me watching it and can’t imagine how frustrating it must have been for the coaches.


Oof, here we go!

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Thanks @radiofriendly

So PFF tasked Lamo with two drops and a 100% drop rate yesterday. Ouch

Harris Hutch and Sutton with the three worst tackle grades

amazing how it impacts “scores” when opposition is allowed to hold, eh? The last 2 weeks have been brutal for that. Watch Hutch…especially the last 2 weeks. He’s getting gang raped and nothing gets called.

This feels legit, but I don’t know enough about defenses to know what we are doing differently/same? is there a real dropoff? Is he being asked to do different things/using him in other ways? Not sure? A little help @Air2theThrown ? What are you seeing, bro?

Lamar was standing back there having a cigarette and coffee, while waiting for guys to get open. Any NFL backup can be successful with the amount of time he had.
He wasn’t nearly as “amazing” as our pass rush was pathetic.

I have so many issues with their grading every time I see it. Plus I’m not a fan of supporting Collinsworth and the machine/narrative that they control.

I always wonder which ones they are calling drops. Some are degree of difficulty 8/9/10…others, level 1 → catch the ■■■■■■■ ball. Jamo was terrible as a WR yesterday.


Starting to worry about Jack Campbell. He looks so out of place on a lot of plays.

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no worries, my man. He is far too committed and attentive to fail. His measurable are off the charts - every sign points to him being awesome, IMO.

Couple that with the situation he is in. Remember…WHEN (not if) Holmes gets a great defensive tackle in front of him, his life gets 3x easier. When the DL fails, it makes life harder for the entire back 7

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Glasgow has been a key signing.

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