PFF on Turkey day performance

“… One play can define a game and ultimately the horrible pick six Stafford threw turned a potential march for victory into a desperate chase to avoid defeat. While much of the talk pre-game was how Daniel would perform, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Stafford making only his third start in the NFL, as he threw three interceptable passes (one bounced off the hands of Danny Trevathan. It’s been tough sledding for the former first overall pick recently and not the kind of consistency his head coach will want to be seeing…”

“…Keys to the game:

Bad decision-making by the quarterback put the ball in harm’s way, taking points off the board and putting it on for the opposition.”


Its the truth. Here’s a real ouch. Staffords QB rating was in the 60’s. Thats shameful for any QB, let alone a “franchise” guy.

Stafford’s career QB rating is in the mid 80’s. Take a look at some of the QB’s with career numbers in the mid 80’s. Stafford is on par with Andy Dalton. Thats a sad, true fact.

Let’s sign Daniels!


I miss the old stirring the pot emoji.


Why so other teams can rattle him, pressure him and his receivers would still get no separation


Same result for 20 million less I guess

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And that would feel better?

I was being a sarcastic smart ass.
I thought that was a given.

My response was to nutz
Yours was clear

It would when the extra 20 million can build talent and depth

Until we land an offensive genius OC, it’s all for naught.
Sorry, but, right now, that’s not Jim Bob. I like JBC and I believe he will be a great OC, he needs time to digest what he’s learned, and regroup.
Sadly, that means he probably has to go, and will be another team’s offensive genius.

Ziggy and Cornwash=$20m

LOL, that’s great.

Hard pass on Ziggy. Availability is as important as ability



Define “career years”.

Seems to me they just got more targets because we’re a pass happy, indoor offense. Cinci - outdoor. Seattle - outdoor.

Marvin Jones, in last year in Cinci, he had 103 targets, 65 catches. The next year with Lions, 103 targets, 55 catches. Wonder why that is…