PFF recap. Words. Words. Words

Not a lot of content in these things these days. But anyway…

Detroit Lions

“ Matthew Stafford had one of his typical up-and-down games. His interceptions were both forced deep down the field, but he also had a couple of big-time throws.

Kenny Golladay had a really solid game going against an under-manned secondary. He was easily Stafford’s favorite target and seemed to be open the majority of the game.

Darius Slay was getting picked on all day covering Keenan Allen but he bounced back and came away with the game-winning interception.

The Chargers ran outside to avoid run-stopper Damon Harrison, but they missed too many tackles at the second level, extending some of the Chargers’ drives.

LA Chargers

Mike Williams had two spectacular catches, one laying out on the left sideline right before the half to put the Chargers in field goal position. Keenan Allen ran crisp routes and drew multiple holding calls on Darius Slay.

[Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson continued to shine in the absence of Melvin Gordon. They broke multiple tackles and ripped off a couple of huge plays that were ultimately called back. The one huge downfall for Ekeler was the fumble as he leaped into the endzone.

Thomas Davis Sr. seemed to be involved in almost every play, whether it was good or bad. He was solid in the run game and made multiple stops, but he was targeted throughout the game and allowed several completions into his coverage.

Joey Bosa was dominant today. He had his way with the Lions’ offensive line in the running game and didn’t give the Lions’ running backs much room to operate.

I was at the game. Keenan Allen is off the charts. Watching him is like watching a water bug. He is so quick and sudden it is a tough cover for a “thoroughbred” like Slay. He is more suited to cover guys like AJ Green, Josh Gordon, Amari Cooper, Davante Adams. Allen is a very unique player and is basically a slot receiver. He will not shred teams over the top. Allen has had injuries, but really should be an effective player for a few more years.

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Um, they beat the Chargers, not the Cardinals, week 2.
Didn’t read past that.

They used to be a valuable resource for data. Now, they’re pressured to rush “content” out as their business model has has changed.

Yea, he was practically un-coverable yesterday.

Luckily Slay got the last word but Slay had two holding calls and PI and was trailing Allen most of the game. Allen was just too quick for Slay…or pretty much any DB in the NFL yesterday

I guess it depends on the refs. some refs let you do the handfighting/CB tugging game others are flag happy. we had flag happy. that holding call on slay was very very minor. But at least they did call it the same way on both sides.

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You didn’t miss much.

Reading this makes it sound like the Chargers won the game

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I’ve had Allen on a couple of my money FF leagues so i’ve watched him a lot the last few years. The man is so underrated. He’s one of the best wrs in football and isn’t a pos like AB and OBJ. Honestly the only way to really shut him down or at least keep him quiet had nothing to do with him but rather get to Rivers early and often

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Allen dropped in the draft due to an injury:

Remarkable for a guy who is 6"2" 206 lbs to play like a slot WR.

He’s just plain good.

He’s too slow!!!

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Just like Anquan Boldin was.