PFF recap

Okwara good. Oline bad

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Barnes looking good. Goff had the third highest QB rank at the time of this writing at 80.1


This was a big game for Marquez Stevenson, he hadn’t been doing much in camp. If they do end up cutting him, he has the speed this staff seems to covet.

Couple of shaky throws that could have been picks too. If those had actually been picks, the rating would be lower. I’m one of the bigger Goff proponents, just trying my best to keep it halfway real (yeah, right…as soon as the season starts I’ll be the biggest cool aid slammer in here…).

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I would be interested in Stevenson if he frees up. Hodgins as well though he’s a different style of receiver.

Rewatching the game the offensive line wasn’t that bad. A good amount of runs would have gone for much bigger yardage if the tight ends and receivers hadn’t missed their blocks. Some of that will be cleaned up with practice. The rest will be improved having our starters in.

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