PFF top 5 bottom 5 last dance 2022

I know the full scores were posted earlier. But it’s become a habit so here goes

Brahmins Offense

E.L. Raymond – 80.4
Goff – 79.3
Jamo – 78.0
Swaggy – 78.0
Swift – 75.4

Dalits Offense

J Jackson – 46.6
S Zylstra – 49.6
E Brown – 51.4
M Nelson – 52.5
B Wright/ Mitchell – tied 55.3

Brahmins Defense

Commish – 90.2
Dollar Store Thor – 79.1
Buggs Bunnny – 79.0
KerJo– 78.1
Hutch – 77.4

Dalits Defense

Paschal – 43.1
Houston – 46.3
J Jacobs – 48.0
R Okwara – 53.3
Barnes – 56.7


I really believe they will go TE in mid to later rounds.

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I want the to draft at least one guard. One would think as talented as Holmes is we could find a gem guard later. Lions have never had good luck finding Oline guys. Always have to pick them high to find talented ones


Actually the problem is that when they do find one they let them go, Graham Glasgow was allowed to walk and he was a 3rd round pick. Tomlinson was moved because our staff sucked and they couldn’t coach him up.

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Who is swaggy?

Edit - got it, thx!

I don’t think i ever heard Williams called Swaggy before. I dig it.

Jamaal Williams Dancing GIF by Detroit Lions


I’m not sure u agree with that…

Swanson had career ending injuries but was looking like a decent pick. 3rd

Laken was a high 70s off player in SF, maybe Jets scheme is broken? Late 1st

Warford went to 3 pro bowls- 3rd

Glasgow was rock solid- 3rd…. He’s been better than Big V overall…

Jonah Jackson- 3rd

Ragnow- late first….

  • then of course you have sternberg….

Overall from pick #25 to end of 3rd round the league success rate for OG/C is over 70%… ours is over 80, and when you have a proven scheme and talented vets around the new guy, probably higher…

I would be taking an interior OL in round 2 this year no matter what….

Instead of guessing which CB MIGHT be worthy of #6 overall, I’d love to offer to drop to #11 and simply add #41. Or #9 and #39…. I’d bet the Titans or Panthers would like a shot at the last QB or first WR?


Agree with all of this. Not feeling the love for Carter anymore even if he’s there. Get a CB and DT in FA, grab a CB in the first, OG in the 2nd and trust the process to fill in the blanks.


I’m trading down…… the lack of logic in here sometimes makes me laugh….

The amount of times it’s been suggested we could maybe flip Goff for a 1st, if Brad and DC agree THEIR GUY is there #6 is comical.

So 2-3 QB desperate teams pass…. IE- M Willis last year…. The Den lit up with take him at #32 posts- what if Bryce Young somehow falls to #6? We ignore that 3 QB needy teams pass on him… jump to take a DIFFERENCE MAKER- and then trade Goff?

So Goff loves it here, and the team LOVES him as their QB, but we now sell a playoff ready team with a 100 rated QB currently….that a 5’11” rookie or a kid who couldn’t throw 20 tds in college (AR15) is now the guy.

We then convince another team that despite Goffs 8-2 finish, and elite passing numbers, he’s just not for us… BUT HE WOULD BE PERFECT FOR THEM! Magically we pull a 1st rounder and change.

  • all we need to do is trade Goff now to free up that 20M extra in free agency, and hope our guy falls…… well then we have to hope a rookie QB keeps our offense in the top #5, and maybe with new OC too…

I’ve literally read these suggestions…… in here!

  • yet some think we couldn’t get any team like Jets, Washington, Titans, or Panthers to give us a 2nd rounder to move up a few slots….


  1. we can replace Goff and his elite numbers with a rookie….

  2. A team would likely give us a first rounder for Goff

  3. Yet… a team wouldn’t give us a 2nd rounder to draft the same QB that we’d consider dumping Goff over?

Any QB worth moving on from Goff for, is easily worth a teams giving us a 2nd and 3rd… I see you Carolina

  1. Brian Branch (weapon in heavy nickel, hufanga ish)
  2. Bijan Robinson - offense definer
  3. D Witherspoon- played tons of man to man
  4. C Kancey- pressure from the middle. LEVERAGE
  5. Andrew Voorhees- anchor and mauler at RG
  6. Jack Campbell- defensive play caller
  7. Cam Ward- swagger and athleticism.
  8. Charlie Jones- open like 7/11
  9. Joe Tippman- Backup C- cheaper than E Brown
  10. J Moody- competes with money badger

I think we could easily get #9, #39 and #92 for #6 and Romeo O…. Panthers could use one more edge- we could use the cap space…. I’d make this trade tomorrow

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The Panthers are currently working with about 1m in cap space with only 38 players under contract (-14m effective cap space) for next year. They’re not picking up Romeo’s contract.

What style of TE do you think they covet?