PFF top rookies

Sewell and St Brown on the list


Amon-Ra debuting a No. 15:


PFF overall grade: 73.4

A newcomer to the list, St. Brown has been quite easily the Lions’ most reliable receiver the past four weeks. He now has 43 targets, 37 catches and 340 yards over the past four weeks. While he’s getting featured a lot underneath out of the slot, he’s still making the most of those targets.

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I did’n’t like their write-up on Sewell (felt misleading). He’s gone from very solid to great. They make it sound like he sucked early. Not through my lens of the world. Sewell will end up being the best player in his draft, when it is all said and done.

Also…J-Will. Leads NFL in broken tackles and not even a starter. HA!!! Love that MF’r too.

Really proud of Sun God. Not an ounce surprised by any of it. Truthfully, I expected him to have success earlier than he did. Tough Som’bitch with a perfect psyche for what we are building here.


2 of the top 15 players in the draft huh? I also feel that Sewell should be a little higher on the list but I’m obviously biased.

I would say BH did quite well his first go round. Can’t wait to see what he does with multiple 1’s the next 2 years.

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He’s be number 2 in all likelihood if it was after about game 6.

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Word → Completely agree. Love our bald guy!

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Especially to be this good while switching positions multiple times, learning a new position and not having played in over a year. All while being only 20! This kid is going to be on the lions ring of honor.

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Boo Brad Holmes and his draft misses!

You Suck Colin Jost GIF by Saturday Night Live

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I joke with you guys a ton, but I do mean it when I say he has GOAT potential. Literally no ceiling for him. He will improve a TON, and he’s already fantastic.