PFF with interesting stats on Benzschawel


Which kinda begs the question: How the hell did this guy go undrafted?

My guess, NFL teams didn’t think he could translate success in college to success in the pros. IOW, to compete in the NFL he has to make some significant changes (according to them). And he may not have much in the way of versatility, he might not suited for any other position except OG.

I dunno if that’s correct, but it never hurts to have a guy like him that could become a decent NFL lineman. I believe that Aboushi, Wiggins, and Dahl may all be gone a year from now, so a guy like BB has a real shot to help the team then if not sooner.

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His pass protection is trending in the right direction. It sure appears that he has something to build on. I love the fact that he is a mauler in the run game. I cant wait to see him in camp and the preseason games.


Nice find(s)!

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Reddit is a treasure trove as long as you’re willing to dig for it between huge piles of total crap posts.

But hey, at least they get along for the most part :laughing: :wink: