PFT: Aidan Hutchinson, Frank Ragnow questionable for Sunday - buy or sell?

They’re playing. If they can physically walk into the stadium they’re playing. They’re both that kind of dude.


Buy - An illness can be countered with iv fluids, drugs, etc. There’s no broken parts involved. If it was the Eagles, there wouldn’t even be a question, they’d have them on more drugs than a horse at the Kentucky Derby to make sure they play.


Evan Brown back this week. That should help the interior OL in pass blocking.


well I would sell but ain’t nobody buying that shit.

Brown being back is a big one. If he’s in and big Q is out for the Jets - I see the Lions running the ball today for sure

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Big Q is out, confirmed!!


“Hutchinson returned to practice Friday, while Hughes was out for the second straight day.”

Hutch is gonna play, and get a sack :wink:

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Fixed it for you!

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