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We werent gonna pay Swift after this season, so he was a half time 1 year rental in effect. This team wasn’t one player away from contention before the draft. You can argue we are in contention now after the draft.

And, will stay that way given the long term nature of the personnel build.

Anyone at all believe Swift is going to have a full season?

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Agreed, and we don’t know how far Cpt ack would have fallen and there are options to trade picks in following drafts. But the way Barnes is playing, Cambell is the one guy we could have gotten by with not drafting, though I already love him. Laporta would have still been an awesome pick at 18 or in that range. I mean, we took Hock at what was it, no or so? Laporta will end up being a great draft steal.

You know the other thing I like about Carter is all you here from this board is how Levi just needs time, and Campbell just needs more time and Gibbs just needs more time and Jamo just needs more time. But Carter he didn’t need any time steps on the field and has been one of the top Defensive players in the league.

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All Jalen Carter really needed on the field was a motor and the fitness level needed to have that motor. The Georgia coaches clearly did not get him motivated, maybe the Eagles will do a better job. It reminds me of Matt Stafford who Jim Schwartz allowed to play 20 lbs overweight for the first 6 years of his career and then Caldwell gets here and the weight is gone in months not years.

And those questions are why he isn’t in Detroit.


That all depends one thing is forsure not many have forgot passing on Arron Donald for Ebron and that is still brought up to this day as one of the all time misses

Carter is not here because Brad Holmes chose to not pick him. Something he will be judged on for many years going forward.


Cause it’s not good enough to have the #1 Dline in the league…

We’re #1 against the run. Never seen were 1# Dline in the league.

You make me wonder if splitting hairs is the answer to my impending baldness. Thank you.

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Will Anderson? He does? Great prospect of course but That seems rich.

Only Parsons ahead of him on this chart

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That chart seems a little off to me

Possibly, if the team wins, wins big, then no, he won’t.
If the team defense performs well, above avg top ten and isn’t the reason for not achieving goals, then, no he won’t.

Jalen Carter would have likely failed here. Culture fit is a real thing, especially the way DC does it. The eagles culture was better suited for him. It would have been obvious he was out of place in a Room full for Hutch and ARSB’s.


His own coaches in college wouldn’t vouch for him. There was no chance Holmes was taking him.


Lol keep telling yourself that.

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That’s garbage really. Hutch isn’t a motivator but Jordan Davis is. Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess.

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Only from people who secretly hope their team fails…

The Lions hit a homerun in this draft regardless of what anyone else becomes. I don’t love the Gibbs pick either…but the rest of the draft??? Seriously if someone is complaining about the 2023 draft they just flat out like to be miserable. And if we take Carter, the draft doesn’t play out the same. So those saying we still get everyone else is full of shit.