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In other News Laporta is already a top 3 TE .


It hurts missing on Carter, the risk was there I know, but then when I see what we did otherwise, it hurts more.

I’m content with our draft haul, thank you.


Killer 2nd round.

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I’m still a little concerned that Jalen Carter will continue to be a killer driver…. :fearful::scream::face_with_peeking_eye:


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I love our 2nd round draft as well, but when I think of what we could have had. We could have drafted Carter, Swift would have stayed, he requested a trade after we drafted Gibbs. Not to mention, had we drafted Carter, we wouldn’t have needed to draft Martin with that 3rd rounder and could have packaged that with a pick from next year and STILL got Lapporta and Cpt ack as well. So we possibly could have.

Cpt Jack
playing on this team right now. But, we can’t go back in time, and all that really matters is the draft OVERALL, and we still got Cpt Jack, Laporta, Gibbs, Branch, and maybe something good with Broderick, Hooker and others. So really, the overall impact of the draft all together has been great, so we move forward with a smile on our face.

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Soooooo many were wrong about him, at least up to this point.

I think we also had a lot invested in the position already . Levi and Alim . So I’m fine with all of it . I’m mean I don’t think we get laporta and branch if we draft Carter . So bottom line I trust our Gm

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Also I’m pretty sure they did a deep dive into his background and they didn’t like what they found .

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So we’re going to have to hear about how Holmes blew it for the next 20 years?
You can’t have everything go your way :100:.
I’m sorry.
It definitely does suck.
Gibbs and Jack are a nice consolation.


In other news: Ray Lewis is a Hall of Famer, OJ is a Hall of Famer, Aaron Hernandez is a super bowl champ etc etc etc.
I like us trying to keep our org clean.


And that’s why the questions. We know they didn’t, the question is, should they have accepted more risk considering the possible massive payoff? I think we should have taken him and took the risk. But we have every reason to still love our draft, and in the end, isn’t that what really matters, the draft overall and whether or not the rookies are having a big impact?

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Well said, and completely agree! I really trust our front office. Saying I was wrong is hard for some. lol

Im more upset the Rams won a couple down the stretch. Anderson looks like the best DE in football right now

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Lions wouldn’t have both LaPorta and Branch.

The Lions used a 4th rounder and 2 picks in the 5th round to get Martin with a later 3rd rounder.

The 96th pick used on Martin is worth ~116 points on the trade chart. The #34 pick is about 550 points.

The 434 point difference is equivalent to the #47 OA pick.

That means the Lions would have had to give up MORE than a 2nd round pick in 2024 to get up to that #34 pick without the trade down.

We could have done that. I expect our top pick next year will not be very high in the first. And of course, could have given up more than one pick next year.

The point is so many here claimed this was a bad pic and a bad guy. Husker and that’s both talked about what a talent he was and in a different class. I said in the beginning he didn’t have the production and didn’t see it. Both told me watch how he gets up field and I did and liked him ever scene. The guy is producing and playing like they said he could. I’m ok with our draft as I said. But that doesn’t change the fact that we missed on a Generational talent at DT that we have been needing and are really hard to come by.

Kudos to both Husker and That’s because Carter is the player they they said. I know we were not likely to take him as I think they knew that too. But he is the talent they talked about.
Not sure why it bothers so many to talk about other players that are looking good that some here liked.

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They could have had Carter Laporta and Branch. Campbell would be the one left out. And that would have been 3 great picks with them 2 1st and our 2nd.