Philip Lindsay waived by Houston…

I think the Lions should look into acquiring him. Very capable 100+yd rusher and could be a good compliment to Swift.

Can he play WR?

I believe he can catch out of the backfield

Better than Benson and Hodge, ferdamshur.

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If they claim him on waivers… looks like he would cost $925k to $1.125 million for rest of year… depending on how many games he is active.

He is only signed for 2021… and Lions will likely sign more qualifying free agents than they lose for the comp pick formula… so I doubt there is magic bean incentive to claim him.

He is also smaller than the RBs they seem to want.

My guess is that the Lions pass on him.

The real question is, can he throw the ball more than 7 yards?

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If so, sign him up!!

Lindsey is smaller but he runs tough and hard

Not sure we need him though

The lions seem to like their RB stable, and for good reason in my opinion. Not sure they’d be looking to add anyone unless Williams injury is worse than we know