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The other three—Jackson, Mahomes and Allen are all scrambling type QBs. The media and some on this board have an unhealthy obsession with scrambling QBs. The guys that in 5% of the time when things break down, they can get out of the pocket and make things happen. In the case of Allen they can scramble around before throwing a pick. The Lions offense is built around running the ball and a pocket passer. I’m fine with Goff. Yeah, there are times that I’d like him to be a little less statuesque, but I’m not willing get rid of him and go after someone more mobile as some have suggested.


5% of the time? You must be focusing on the Lions O-Line. :innocent:


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And we always hear how Jared Goff needs more help, but the reality is all three teams pictured spent between $10M - $25M APY more last year to surround their QB with offensive talent.

But lets not let the facts alter a good narrative.


In fairness the other 3 guys can all run very well.

Rushing yards and rushing TD’s should be included in any comparison. For example Lamar had almost as many rushing yards as Gibbs. And Josh Allen had 44 total TD’s

Goff deserves way more respect though for sure

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You forgot to add the best NFL QB to this list!

Looks like he’s wearing drapes.