We are playing some great physical football these last two playoff games. Knocking people out legitimately has taken out a starter chess piece on the opposing team.

GB played more physically than SF yesterday. This is another advantage we have going into the championship. Bring it on!


Especially w/o Deebo, if he doesn’t play. that guy is their blitz-picker-upper and blitz beater/outlet…hahahahahaha

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Do we know his injury?
It appeared to be something with his shoulder?

Shoulder. They’ll know more after tests. But who knows how much SF is going to tell anyone unless he’s done for the year.

I think GB was pounding them even when Deebo was playing. But if he can’t go nobody gonna be complaining in Honolulu blue.

And Purdy legs won’t be a factor!!! AG probably should bring more pressure

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The Lions are due to play an A+ game…I am pumped

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Pressure is the only way to limit the damage they do against our corners.

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