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Back after many years. Been reading a lot but decided to post. I like Goff. I think a developmental back up QB is needed. Holmes said he would not ignore this and I like the fact that they are paying attention to every detail large and small. I like being surprised with their picks and the success they have had. Tells me they trust their scouting and know the type of player they want. If I were to surprise everyone with a modest pick in round 5 or 6 it would be QB Clayton Tune. Throws a nice tight ball. Good college stats and a developmental prospect. Done. I buy the kool aid every year.


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He’s fine, he’s not much of an athlete and folds under pressure, but he throws a nice ball…

I’d like a young developmental QB, but if Goff goes down I do not want to leave this season in the hands of a rookie. Matt Ryan is a great option for backup QB… He and Goff have very similar game, I think he could step in and play within their offense quite well.

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They have never carried 3 QB’s. Hide a 3rd on practice squad. I know they will address it. Being unpredictable is an advantage. I would take Ryan any day.

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After watching SF every team should

Imagine getting all the way to the NFC finals

And you can’t throw the ball. Just have to run


Stetson Bennett in the 6th. BTW Josh Dobbs just signed with the Browns, 1 year $2 million, that’s a move I thought we maybe should have made.


I’d love to go into the season with Goff, Stetson & Corral

That’s my QB room


100% what I was thinking

If Goff went down, you’re going to puy this season in the hands of two undersized QBs who have never thrown an NFL pass?

And Lamar

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The Lions have met with 3 QB’s this offseason that I am aware of.

Anthony Richardson at the Combine
Dorian Thompson-Robinson at UCLA pro day
Aiden O’Connell at the Combine and Purdue’s Pro Day

Take what you will from that, but they definitely seem to have a high level of interest in O’Connell


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Nobody’s gonna call Weeze a procrastinator …Getting out the Christmas gifs already .

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Saw O’Connell live this past year and think he’s a really solid prospect that isn’t getting a lot of attention. He’s definitely not an athletic guy but shows all the traits you look for at the next level. Very accurate, can throw with velocity and with touch, can drive the ball into tight windows, can move the secondary with his eyes. Most of what I saw was half field reads, they just didnt run a pro style scheme under Brohm where you saw him use the whole field, but he was laser precise and got the ball out fast, excellent awareness, timing, and anticipation. He made a couple of wow next-level throws when I saw him. One a go route to Charlie Jones where jones was 1v1 with Garrett Williams. He put the ball right on him, and I mean right on his facemask at about 60 yards. Another where he drove the ball in a lane past 2 layers of converging coverage for a td that was just a ridiculous throw. I think he’d be a great late round pick up for a developmental type prospect whose ceiling is definitely a pro level player.


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