Pick Four Challenge Yourself

We’re all busy paring down our draft lists. We all know which needs we consider paramount and have some idea of prioritizing them.
There are excellent options in FA. Please take a few minutes and lay out 3 FA selections and one trade to improve the roster. My goal as always would be to fill holes in FA so we are free to acquire talent in the draft.
I’ve got some things my wife wants me to do, so I will post mine later.

The other trade with Baltimore involves someone for Crabtree, maybe Riddick
As we need an edge player, I’m shipping it for Trey Flowers. We have a connnection with Matt Patricia. Leveraged with a contract NE might not be able to match, like Dante Fowler as a pass rush specialist, if we make the connection with Flowers.

Marc Ingram, is a back used to being in a rotation. He is a capable runner and receiver, low mileage and if KJ has a blow out, he can run as our number one.

Jesse James TE, we need two guys. He is TE2 with upside.

Last one is a trade. I have several in mind…
They involve Arizona and Baltimore.

Two players for Arizona, come to mind: Chandler Jones and Patrick Peterson
Package deal for Jones and Peterson, number eight overall, Rick Wagner,I think we overpay for Peteron with the number eight, we underpay for Jones with Wagner.