Pittsburgh re-signs long snapper

I was hoping this guy might be availabe….

I’ve always wanted to root for this long snapper…

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And stupid Bob Quinn missed out on this kid. I had a 6th round grade on him. (j/k)

He’s not? Oh, snap!

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Outside the box thinking by the Steelers.

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I was thinking to myself @Phunnypharm has now completely lost it if he’s starting new threads about other teams long snappers signing new contracts…Then I saw the dudes name, lol

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Daly is a dude. He is going to be here for 15 years.

Is there an issue with the Lions’ long snapper I’m not aware of? What’s wrong with Daly?

Nothing wrong with Daly…… I just find Christian Kuntz to be interesting. :grin::rofl::joy:

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Have you studied Kuntz closely!?

That dude blows my mind, and love Kuntz and snappers! I do miss the traps at times, self admitted.


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