Plans for the 2024 DRAFT In Detroit

I’m on the fence about whether to try to get to the 2024 draft. (It would be a trip for me)


  1. For those of you that have been to an actual draft, was it worth it? Would you go again? Or is it more like, I’ve done it once, had the experience, and probably wouldn’t do it again. I have to say that scene in Las Vegas did not look like much fun - most pepola are so far away from the stage.

  2. If it were between going to the draft and a home Lions game (I’ve only been to one Lions home game, but have seen them play the Jets a few times) which would you suggest an out-of-towner do?

  3. How many of you are planning to go to either the 2023 or 2024 drafts? Do you think Den members will have a meet and greet or something?

2023 draft is in KC, I’ll be a game time decision.

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ugh thanks. I fixed it.

I think we are doing a Den event hosted by BigNatty and Jack Fox…

…at least that is what i want to manifest


The Mule is still on the Lions payroll for something… better get him involved in some way, too.

Of all the people in the world you don’t want to piss off for leaving him out…

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…or forgetting his birthday.

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I need to revise the original post since I thought we were on for 2023…its 2024.

New question:
Have you ever attended a draft? Was it worth it…i.e. would you go again?

Seems like a DEN live reunion is in order for this draft, no?


I bet Jack Fox would totally make an appearance at a Den draft function in Detroit in 2024. It just seems like the kind of guy he is.


We just can’t let him see BigNatty’s shrine to him… might scare him off


LOL - Godfather was talking about renting a conference room in a hotel, I think. I’d bet 20 or 30 of us show up (guessing). Dudes will be chipping in for the costs, as I understand it. This is not etched in stone yet, but I think we’re getting there.
I was thinking about getting a New Jersey to wear…either a Jack Fox one… a DanCampbell Lions jersey, Barry… also considering gettin a jersey customized that says “The Handsome” with the number 1 on it. (The Handsome 1).

We have almost 2 years before it happens, but it should be fun.

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I want Amon-Ra and Jamo custom jerseys as well as Fox and Campbell… and Hutch. It has been a while since ive bought one so i might go crazy

that sounds alot better than standing amongst a half million people!

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We need username customized Barry jerseys and have our own section at the draft


I HOPE I can catch a ride down to the 2024 draft group.

This is a thing on Woodward? Awesome!


That’s the Stargate. It’s how we got the Sun God.


They need to MacGyver up a linebacker or two out all the spare parts lying around


Seeing us pick last in the first round seeing as we just won the SB will make it a great night indeed. :wink:

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