Player tracking data gains value at the Combine after Puka Nacua stood out

Way before him…but…glad they got him in the headlines

Jalen Coker had both the best acceleration and deceleration marks at the Shrine (or damn near the best). He ran similarly in the forty. Apparently Nacua had silly start-stop readings as well. That may be the Puka comp if there is one.

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What does this even mean?
How long has this data tracking really been utilized at the Combine?
Why would you be glad that got Puka in the headlines?

Sorry for having a sense of humor…sir.

What is odd about all this player tracking is that they have been doing this for years in soccer. And I am a bit surprised the NFL has just started embracing this data. When we know the in game data is much more important.

It is now just a matter of time before they figure out how to track processing time for LBs and DBs. So much of what a DB does is predicated on anticipating throws and also footwork. If you are able to keep yourself on your toes and pointed in the direction needed you will look much faster.

I do not remember ever being more locked in on the Lions. I am hoping this is not a blip on the radar but the way of things to come so we can get this deep into the players and scheme. When you suck it is hard to get fired up for this level of detail when you can not stop a dive play off Right Tackle…

Lions having definitely been using this kind of data from the start. Every once in awhile they’ll drop a stat like these in a press conference.

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Is that what that was supposed to be?

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