Players that need to impress today to earn a roster spot

I’m standing in line waiting to get into the stadium and I am having this discussion with another fan in line.

So I thought I’d ask the Den too.

What players do you think are on the bubble that need to impress today in order to lock down and secure a roster spot?


Who do you think are battling for a starter spot that need a good showing today?

Let’s get the talks started. Go Lions!

  1. Cota, Drummond, Greene
  2. Julian Okwara
  3. Levi
  4. Sudfeld/Teddy

WR depth - Green, Drummond, Cota
OL depth - Ifedi, Nelson, Awosika, Sorsdal
DL depth - JOkwara, Owunzurike, Jones, Martin
ST depth - Savion, Pittman, Melifonwu, Breeze, etc


I agree with everyone you mentioned with the exception of Martin.
He is a lock.

I think Green’s chances to make it have increased substantially without Mims here.

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Actually, I think Martin and Sorsdal are essentially both locks; but it’s very important for them to have good showings today as the vie for positioning on the depth chart.

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That we agree on100%!!!
I was focused on locking up a roster spot not securing starter or more playing time.

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Dont forget about the DBs. There are backup spots open to grab. Chase Lucas has something to prove after last week.

What about QB? Bridgewater is starting…. What if Sudfeld and Martinez both outperform him?

Or what if the Lions decide to keep 3 maybe a race for that last spot.

Personally I think there’s a real battle happening at WR, OL, DL to decide who’s getting that last spot.


I had QB’s listed.
I haven’t been impressed with NS but the last two years of Teddy haven’t been all that impressive either.

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Many in this thread have already nailed it & I agree I think it’s the WR group for sure

Jermar Jefferson is one I really want to see make an impression today. We need that last RB position filled and I’ve always been on the Jefferson bandwagon. The kid has some real talent as a RB. But he needed a lot of work in the pass protection and pass reception categories. His blitz pickup was a real concern. All things he wasn’t asked to do much of in college.

I also wonder about Julian Okwara. If he has another big game then it maybe difficult for the Lions to make a decision on that last spot. Supposedly him and Houston are battling for that last spot which I find hard to believe. But he could force the Lions to keep both and make a hard decision elsewhere. Or maybe he creates a trade scenario.

More ass kicking from Julian and Levi and good play from BMart, Starling and Green are what I most want to see. Agree with Air about Jermar.

Oh and a depth OL or two flashing.

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Back up Oline is ummmm

I have no idea how much he actually played but to this point, 11min left in the 4th, have heard next to nothing from Julian O.

They called his name once early in the game that I recall.

Consistency with Julian has always been a problem.

Well, cuts just got a little easier. Jeebus … nobody did anything out there.

That was a turd of an effort, even for preseason.

Very few individual matchup wins. jax definitely has better depth than us all the way around.


I think Cota makes it -that kid plays likes he wants it every game to.

minds out of the gutter on ‘wants it’ :crazy_face:

Prior to the game I thought Drummond was the last WR to make the team. I think Cota should bump him after yesterdays performance.

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