Players to pick up

These would be my target pickups

Jordan Matthews WR
Samje Perine RB
Brian Hoyer QB
Jachai Polite LB
Tony Lippett CB

Best OL available, especially OG

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Shane Ray Edge
Muhammed Wilkerson DE
E.J. Gaines CB
T. J. MacDonald Safety
Brian Hoyer QB
That was just a cursory glance.
Jay Ajayi RB
Brandon Marshall LB

Jordan Matthews already mentioned.

Although Ike Boettger made the roster with the Bills, he is expected to be placed on the PS next week. If and when that happens, you take him and don’t look back.
David Parry, nose tackle, if you’re looking for a good rotation guy he’s it.
Powell on the Falcons PS just means that if we need him we can grab him.
Not sure where the Matt Nelson experiment is going, I think there are better options.
Still looking things over but these are my immediate thoughts.

Lots of decent players available.

I would have been interested in Perine but he is already property of the Bengals.

Holy crap, another QB? If Matt goes down, we’re toast anyway. Id like to see them draft a developmental guy that they believe in. This just feels like band-aid, stop-gap, best available stuff. Honestly, what are the chances of any of these type of dudes being on the roster next year, anyway?

I was a fan of Stanton (as a backup). He was happy with the role, good enough to step in for a couple of games, if need be, and not overly expensive. I thought it was dumb to bring in an overpriced Hill, at the time.

Stanton and Hill made about the same money. If anything Stanton actually made a little more than Hill.

Ahhh - I had no idea. We ended up losing them both. Thanks for the correction, Wesley. Important to consider the source when you hear things :wink: