Playoff Format not fair

This article has a point.


“Every participant in the Super Bowl dating back to the 2012 season has been a team that got a first-round bye. Every Super Bowl that has taken place since the playoffs expanded to four rounds in 1979 has featured at least one team that had a first-round bye.”

I love this line, too.

“he NFL has the best divisions of any sport. They each have just four teams, small enough that every team gets to play each of its divisional opponents twice per year. They’re also small enough that you can legitimately hate every other team in your division. NFL fans probably have distinct takes on the three other members of their division”

Never underestimate the power of hate.

I spoke the other day about the Pats dynasty and some of the reasons for it.
If you are the Pats you play Miami, the Jets and Buffalo. None of these teams has done shit since the eighties.
Kind of like the Packers playing Minnesota, Detroit and Shitcago for the last three decades. Those are clues to why these franchises have done well.
These 6-0 starts for those teams pretty much give them a leg up on having a bye and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs…astute observations though we’ve spoken at length.