Playoff Reps

So curious of everyone’s thoughts.

In college, it is often discussed the advantage of playing in bowl games because the team gets to practice those extra 4-5 weeks from end of season until the bowl game. So over the course of 4 years it ends up being basically a whole additional season of reps.

I am trying to decide if this has any effect in the NFL or maybe due to roster turnover being so heavy that it tends to not be s big deal.

Anyway, curious to others thoughts or if anyone has heard this topic discussed before.

I will say that the more higher pressured games played will benefit a player for sure just wondering if there is any additional overall effect.

I mean right now the Lions are on week 3 of extra practice and games. So is that wearing them down or making them better.

I think it’s the level of competition that has the biggest effect.
You want to be the best? You have to beat the best.
We’re 2 games away.
Regardless, everyone on the team now has the confidence that they can hang with the big dogs.
That’s going to pay dividends for years to come.