Playoff Roster

SO this is more of a question since I cannot find my source, but when do playoff teams have to have their final rosters and PS ready? Is it 4pm ET on next Monday?

I know many of us want Ceedy Duece and Mac back on the roster, which looks like the Lions are already prepping for that with the Buggs cut?

Unfortunately the NFL just overturned the Lions victory in Minnesota… so we are now 10 and 6 and might not even make the playoffs.

The nfl is also investigating the miracle bears comeback we had. Apparently Hutch tested positive for beaver tranquilizers and may be suspended for the rest of the season. :laughing::laughing:

Not even sure the Lions have a winning record, TBH. The walk-off FG against the Chargers is still under review.

4 wins 4 losses 4 asterisks and 4 more wins under investigation.

Looks like it’s a lump of coal Christmas again…

Will Ferrell Lol GIF

Talk of a Lions staffer, one Charles Gelding, on the Packers sidelines in Lambeau…

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