Playoffs? Are they still a possibility?

The NFC North is still wide open. Packers seem to be a bit in the midst of a downturn, and I just don’t trust the Bears offense. Vikes remain a bit scary, because if Cousins can get his shit together, they’re one of the most formidable teams in the NFC.

But are the Lions the team who beat the Patriots and Packers, or the bunch who fell asleep at the wheel in home losses to the Jets and Seahawks?


I don’t see the consistency we need. I see an 8-8 ceiling and that won’t cut it.

That’s my biggest fear. But if the team that trounced GB and NE can show up consistently, I’d bump that up to 10 or even 11. And yes, I know i’m reaching here …

Possibility, sure.

Probability, no.

The reason I don’t write off this season is that I don’t believe that we have seen the best of this team.

However, even if we slip in, I do not think we make much noise.

Hate to say it, but we might be better served with the higher draft position.


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Honestly I think the playoffs hang a lot on this weekend. If we beat Minnesota, we will be 2-0 within the division, with those wins coming against the 2 scarier teams(Chicago is no cake walk) If we lose, I will probably be looking forward to next year. Hoping we win 7-8 games this year. The pieces are getting there. We added Okwara and Snacks who have been big for our D. Just need some more help on defense, and a new OC

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Well, the Giants come to mind…
And we are big Giants fans.
It would take a minor miracle, but, who knows.
You know, just playing devil’s advocate. I’m so fed up with being a Lions fan!

I did the same for a username. When can you ever get your first name!

I guess I should’ve read all the topic titles before I made a new one about winning the division. I think the ONLY way in to the playoffs now… is through our own division. Packers have been struggling and we beat them. Vikings haven’t been dominating like last year. Of course, Da Bears are much better than expected so they won’t be an easy sweep. But, I still think we can sweep them. It’ll take heart and guts but I think we can.

We have been shredded by the run game but it was Seattle and Dolphins DBs (and Seattle’s LBs) that really shut our team down. I know Bears will be able to match that intensity on D but their offense isn’t that scary. The Vikings will be a harder task but it’s possible.

I don’t see us getting a wildcard because we lost to Seattle and I think it’ll be between Seattle, maybe Cowboys or Eagles… and Saints/Panthers … so that’s just too many teams that can get in ahead of us at 9-7 (we go 9-7 with Cowboys and Seahawks would be the worst case scenario.)

But our division is so wide open if we just win the next 2 games we’re 3-0 in the division, 5-4 and possibly in 1st place before Thanksgiving. We win 3 of the next 4 and it’ll certainly be any interesting last few weeks.

Yes sir and one step further. The next two weeks will let us know. Vikings and Bears on the road, we need them both

I know we as Lions fans are starving for a playoff win but do we really set the bar at one win this year and perhaps not sniff the playoffs again for a few years? I may be in the minority but I would like to see us build a CONSISTENT winner…and unfortunately the current team is not that, any to many defensive holes.

They tried to restructure Tate but couldn’t come to a mutual agreement…think we lose perspective that it takes two to tango and we couldn’t make a deal so we took a good value deal on a rental.

Time will tell I guess and we were able to survive losing CJ so think we can survive this.

I think none of us know who will show up next Sunday. For whatever reason, the Lions could go on a run, or they could tank. If it’s about the locker room after trading Tate… I suspect tank… BQ is a genius if he’s setting the Lions up for next year…

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For sure. Snacks fits a winning formula better than Tate, plus i don’t believe KC, NO, LA or the Pats are in the NFCN. SB is out of the question, and was before the season began.

I think we still have to many roster holes to think of the playoffs this year.

I do like what I’m seeing in terms of scheme and believe with another off season we can certainly compete for the playoffs next season. Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward

Get in and get hot, anything can happen.

This also describes my wishful thinking “bar strategy” as a 20 year old…with the same Lionesque results…

Though getting married at 23 in retrospect was a worse strategy…

Wait, what were we talking about again?

better not lay down now , just give up I’ll be p!$$3d if we do. you play …you play to WIN !!

I don’t think there is any way that the lions plan on not trying their best the rest of the season.

I think we can reach 9 0r 10 games , just got to man up, put our heads down and try our hardest…to quit now would be a pretty good death sentence for Quinn…if he lies down and quits now after the Tate deal. I’m still plenty upset about GT not being in Detroit any-longer. as I said in the 247 version , we got a 3rd round pick…down the road/later on for him. that doesn’t help us now . we just signed that LB, but he is an unknown here.

I don’t know if that’s Quinn’s way of telling us “HE is the defensive help.” or what. I’m tired of hearing “we’re building to win it all …next season.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We have to start by winning this next game.

we win in Minny we go from a current chance of 15% to make to 21%

we loose, and we go to 9% chance to make it…

Now, due to the divisional twist we currently are in, we are still in control of our divisional title!! meaning, we win out and we get it. That’s important as it means, as of today, we do not need help.

6/7 wins out of the remaining 9…… anything is possible.

we are still mathematically in it!!

A certain talent level and familiarity in this defensive scheme is missing . Patricia wants to play chess, bend don’t break , a make them earn it type Defense . We have to play our best football (we have not seen it yet ) and unfortunately we will need to catch some breaks & need some luck .
We as a defense are going to need to gamble and take some risks to elevate the turnover differential in our favor & gambling has it’s risks and is not conducive to chess. It has to be more like war …so I think ultimately we can make the playoffs and the easiest way at this point is the Division.
The Lions as a team are going to need to change things up and go get it , dictate instead of reacting and do this all with no room for error at 3-4 … We’ll see

If we beat the Vikings Sunday then it’s still in the realm of possibility.