Please appreciate this moment


A reminder that while we’re talking about Tampa Bay already, to please drink in as much of this week as possible. Rewatch highlights against the Rams. Replay the videos of the fans celebrating. Immerse yourself in what this team has accomplished for the first time in over 30 years.

These moments are more fleeting than you think. So many posters on this site, some who are no longer with us, didn’t get to experience this. Do it for them. Go somewhere quiet and revel in it. We’ve been through a lot as a fanbase. How much? So much that it’s practically unrivaled in professional sports.

In short? ALLOW THIS WEEK TO BE THERAPEUTIC. You’ve earned it. This team has earned it.



Pin it, bro.


■■■■ Baker Mayfield


Hey. What did the bossman just say? No getting ahead of ourselves. We’re still on ■■■■ Matthew Stafford for the time being.

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I love Matt Stafford again as of yesterday. 1 week hatred hiatus.

I’m ready for Sunday and it’s only Tuesday


Oh hells yes Nate!! I resigned myself to think the Division title was enough even if we lost. And it WAS! Winning the North is special. But adding that elusive playoff win has me smiling all the time. I honestly don’t care if we lose against Tampa Bay. This season is beyond special already. Is that a loser’s perspective? Yes it is and the Lions lost for 30+ seasons. UNTIL 2023 BABY!!!

This team already did something special.

Now it is time to make the memory sweeter. No be loss can taint this run but every possession, every play and every outcome makes this sweeter.

Too many of us never got to be a part of winning a division and also winning a playoff game. We are the lucky ones.



In Indiana it’s all anyone is talking about. Good love and good vibes from people who were never Lions fans before. Asking about what it was like on Sunday, the emotion (which I can’t capture in any words), the celebration. It has been incredible.

I agree. All my love for Stafford was back the minute Goff took the knee. Forever a Lion and humanitarian Detroit family in my book.

In truth I am having a hard time moving on to the Bucs. But I am not worried about this team doing that. More than at any time, I know they are led well. I trust you DC.


To that end, listen/watch the radio call and feel the emotion wash over you as his voice cracks.
Calls of the Game: Lions earn playoff VICTORY | Lions vs. Rams 2023 Wild Card Round

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Thanks!! That was great!

Hey Baker…

Come Here Lets Go GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden


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The Lions are a bright spot in a dismal year so far. Today on the highway an oil seal blew on my Chevy and all the oil flew out. I got the warning light and should have killed the engine immediately.

But my mechanic was right off the next exit so I drove ir about 10 minutes with the dash pinging bloody murder

Mechanic says the seal is a grand at least and if I killed the engine by getting it there it’s way more

They won’t know until tomorrow because of the ice storm that’s going to strand us all tonight. Hopefully we don’t lose power because we already lost it for all of Saturday and most of Sunday. Which wasn’t related to my shower mix valve breaking upstairs flooding the kitchen below. Which sucked. and now can’t shower until i get a plumber out thursday

2024 can eat me. except for the Lions. roar!


and this gives HOPE: the Lions will have an opportunity to do something they have not accomplished since the Eisenhower administration: win two playoff games in the same season.

The next time this happens I may very well be dust in the wind, someone else living in my house and my only memories will be locked on the internet…

living in the moment is so hard but so rewarding!!


I’ve been revelling like a mother fucker, not sure I can revel much harder that doesnt require a combo of high flexibility, not wearing pants, peanut butter, and jumper cables…

*edited for Denbot 5000 missed a bad word!!! :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

Ok, well. ■■■■ John Matthew Stafford and Kelly McNobodyford. Their Daughters are cool though.

So true, Nate.
Rewatching Goff’s knee, inhaling the crowd’s breath of hesitation and then the sudden encompassing roar….
It NEVER gets old.


I’ve been enjoying lots and lots of YouTube clips of the game from players, front office folks, coaches and talking heads…

Most had very high compliments of the energy in the stadium from the fans. Skip Bayless and Michael Irvin were effusive with their praise of how hard the Lions played. Irvin was emotional and said tge Lions type of toughness is what’s missing with the Cowboys.

Peter King was at the Lions game and said he’s been covering NFL games for 40 years and the combination of the crowd and the game makes it one of his top 5 games all time.

I’m enjoying this for sure. So much to soak in.

I’m thankful that the Lions get to host another playoff game. It’s so much fun watching the crowd at Ford Field and the city as a whole on National TV.

Detroit looks great!!


Well said Nate. I’m going to have to update the Top 100 All-Time Lions rankings after this season is over.

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