Please go get Kubiak!

I would take him as OC for sure, especially over the other two mentioned previously.

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Broncos offense was horrible. I have to hold him to a “What have you done for me lately?” standard.
Total offense, one rank higher at 24th
Passing offense one place higher at 19th
Rushing offense, 12th to 23rd
Scoring offense, 13th to 17th
We just fired his clone…

The question is was is Kubiak or the QB?

@Pdono Thoughts?

Are you going to tell me it will be appreciably better with Pad Statford running it…, cuz, he’s coming off his worst year ever.

No. I’m telling you I’d like the opinion of another poster. It was pretty straight forward; let’s not get into the business of putting words in eachother’s mouth - that never goes well. :blush:

Getting him would be a Coup-Biak.

Wakka Wakka


3 day suspension of Den posting privileges, “read only”!



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What year was this? You are not talking 2018 are you? Kubiak was not the OC in Denver.


Not sure. I did not watch enough Broncos games this year. I kind of purposely tune them out.

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Oh, the irony.


I can only devote my energy to one shitty team at a time.

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This is fair…

  1. Kubiac hasn’t been the OC in Denver for a couple years so using their performance is pointless
  2. He’s likely going to be the HC at Jax

Imo he would had been good for the Lions and good for Stafford. Kubs offense loves to use playaction, take SOME shots off of it, and use a ton of roll outs. When not having a year like last year, those are all strengths of Stafford.
Also if you’re in the "Stafford is a dumb QB and can’t read defenses (I’m not), then this offense REALLY is good for him as the roll outs most times eliminate 1/3 of the field

If Kubiak wants to be a HC he can and will be. He has indicated in the past that he and his family do not want him taking on that amount of stress with his health history. I think he’d think about being an OV here b/ch I think he’d really like Stafford.

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Kubiak Family affair in Minnesota.