Please, my memory is bunk so please humor me

how many 6th round picks have been solid football players through NFL history on any team??


If my quick count was right

Only three of the sixth round picks off this list were after 2000 … or 3 in the last 24 years

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QB - Tom Brady
WR - Antonio Brown
K - Mason Crosby

Thats it

But thats just Best of all time at their positions.


But look at what brad has with 6+ round picks.

Rodrego - Decent rotational and ST player
Houston - STUD

Wingo and Mahogony - TBD

Jefferson - Decent RB 3
Lucas - Decent depth excellent special teamer
Green - decent WR5

Wright good TE2
Gilmore - decent depth and st

Are any of them world beaters or starters? No. But those are very important depth players you NEED to have on a team