Police Investigating Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill

The employee is not believed to want to press charges, per Slater, but the NFL’s personal conduct policy does not require an indictment for a suspension to take place. The Dolphins have Hill signed to a receiver-record four-year, $120MM contract. A suspension would put Hill’s guarantees at stake.


Who would have thought a dude guilty of domestic assault and battery, with allegations of child abuse would get into more legal trouble. Really surprising stuff.


I am surprised this even made the blotter. You would think 50k and an NDA and this would be wiped from existence.


Much ado about nothing. Shit happens around marinas… egos et al.

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5:17pm: This investigation wrapped Wednesday, and it does not look like a charge will be filed. Police informed the alleged victim he would need to pursue a criminal charge with the state attorney, per Slater. Hill certainly does not come off looking good, despite potentially avoiding a charge, as Slater adds the second-year Dolphins pass catcher allegedly told the employee, “I can buy you and the boat” (Twitter links).

In other news, while Tyreek Hill won’t face charges or a league suspension, a player for the Detroit Lions faces a lifetime ban for placing a bet on the results of the case. The league determined that while it was not NFL game related, since Tyreek Hill is an NFL player, its the same thing.

Investigations are underway for another Lions player who might have committed a similar infraction when he spoke to a friend about the Jack Jones gun case at the same time he was playing an online casino game.

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You should get a job working for the Babylon Bee. :smile:


Well at least he’s not assaulting a pregnant woman. That’s what we call personal development, folks.

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Damn, that may be a two game suspension…

I’ve lived the Marina life for a long time and you rarely ever see violence. But there’s a lot of complaining.

There so much money in marinas it’s funny to hear that he said he could buy the employee and the boat. I know a bunch of marina employees who are filthy rich. Most of them do the work just to socialize.

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Unfortunately, I think you are correct. Earlier I posted about teams having a handler to keep an eye on their stars. Sure it costs cash to keep an eye on their studs, but you’re paying $30mm a year to your stud who apparently has a hot head.


The fixer hands over a bag of cash for a NDA FIXES the problem.

So much talent and yet keep f ing up.

Not so fast my friends…

JUNE 22: In an update on the situation which contradicts Wednesday night’s, Angie DiMichele of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel notes the police investigation is still ongoing. In addition, the police report indicates the unnamed victim is in fact interested in proceeding with what would be misdemeanor charges. Depending on what additional information is uncovered during the investigation, further developments could take place on this matter. Any NFL discipline will likely only be decided upon after the police investigation has concluded.
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Didn’t the Tigers hire a handler for Miguel Cabrera?

for a short while.
Fun story, which I can’t say much about, my niece was on the lawyers team for Miguel’s mistress. Oh man Miggy’s wife is batshit crazy, which makes sense when you look at the money involved.

A lady going crazy over money, such a shocking revelation.

It sounds to me like it wasn’t a big deal and the victim did not feel it was necessary to go thru the trouble of making it a criminal matter. But once it was discovered how much money Tyreek has and how fast this became national news…things changed. I expect him to come into the courtroom with a neck brace and experiencing PTSD since the incident occurred.


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