Poll: Are these Lions worse than 0-16 team?

Because someone asked and I want to know how honest ya’ll are being with yourselves.

  • Much worse
  • Kinda worse
  • Even
  • Kinda better
  • Better

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They’re better. But they still suck.


A little better. This team just lost on a walk off FG for the 3rd time, and the 1st two were kicks of 54 and 66 yards. This is still a lousy team however you want to look at it though.


Voted “kinda better”, only because the players haven’t totally given up.

Of course, this may change in a couple of days,


I voted Kinda better but only because the organization acknowledge that this team is in major rebuild mode and have a plan to go about it.
When health, the run game is decent
QB - still to be resolved
Defense - going with more youth and they have to use next year’s draft to improve this area.

2 or 3 years away from being a competitive team

They’re clearly better.

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Clearly better. We have better guys IR’d, too.


I’d say they are the best 0-10-1 team in the history of the NFL, without a doubt. Name a better team.


Exactly. Plus throw in those ravens and Vikings losees

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Well, those kind of things offset. The phantom PI on Leigh Bodden vs a 62 yard field goal. I tend to just look at the roster. The 0-16 Lions had less talent and poorer results.

Don’t know how to vote.

The team is better but being held back by the HC and his decisions.

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Better talent but worse coaching.

The number of injuries are silly. Its not even close. Yes, the coaching is learning on the job but if you listen, the decisions are being based on the shit show on offense. Yes, you can blame the plan in offseason, but there is evidence of improvement. If Vitai plays today you think its different? If Ragnow plays you think its different? If Decker plays all year you think he looks that bad? Talk about being honest. Our number 1 receiver bailed after concussion. Perriman was a miss by Holmes. Cephus looked promising and hurt. Its a shit show.

When they happen, the only attitude to have is next man up. But it takes a toll and, yes, we’ve had more than our share this year. I’m impressed that Dan has kept the team energized–so far. It’s hard enough for teams that are winning to do that…

“kinda better”. The Lions are “shooting themselves in the foot” a lot, and poor coaching/time management/play calling surly isn’t helping. The defense has stepped up of late, giving a slice of hope on an otherwise near empty plate.

This years team is better, I might change my mind if Goff ends up running out of the endzone.


Same talent, better coaching.

The 2008 Lions would be up 13-12 with 3 mins left in the game, backed up on their own 2 yard line after a great Fox punt. Orlovsky would roll out on 3rd down being chased by Julian Okwara and promptly run out of the back of the end zone. 2021 Lions win on a safety 14-13.

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the first 0-16 team definitely resembled this current team thus the reason I selected ‘Even’