Poll - What should be the focus of the offseason roster wise?

I see two main goals for the offseason.

Getting Goff more weapunz and fixing the pass rush.

Ideally we fix both. We have the assets to do both decently well.

But which one do we need to fix more?

What is the focus of this offseason
  • Get Goff Weapunz
  • Fix the Pass Rush

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It seems like our top 2 assets, the number 2 pick and our cap space, will be pumped into a pass rusher and a receiver respectively. This is for what to do with our other assets, like other cap space and draft picks.

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Both. I would say it also depends on what you can sign during free agency. You have a chance to address both in the first round. At least one stretch the field WR is needed. If Cephus can come back along with Hock and StBrown, a stud no.1 may be enough to evaluate whether Goff is the guy after 2021.


I have a hard time voting in this thread.

Defense overall needs far more resources, and I suspect it will receive them. Other than Thibs or Hutch, I don’t know that the focus should be on edge as much as it is on overall defense (I’m looking at you, ILB and S).

WR1 is a glaring hole, and it’s not like the team would be hurting if we added both a high-end vet and a promising rookie.

Outside of top picks and the first FA or two, I think everything else will be value-based more than positional-based. Yeah, we’re probably not going to spend a third-rounder on OL or RB, but outside of that, this team just needs talent. There are very, very few position groups where getting an upgrade in talent would be wasted.


When you compare the two side by side, WR wins easily. We have viable pass rushers in Charles Harris, Romeo, and even Julian. Our WR is much more barren. The fact is they both need addressed this off-season and rank up there as our top needs.


What’s more of a need right now? A true #1 WR.
What’s going to be best-available at the top of the first round? DL.

There are no WRs in this draft worth top-ten money, let alone top-three.


Yup. While WR is technically the biggest hole, DL has more impact One guy makes the entire defense’s job easier.

Playmakers are most needed. Ppl who have home run ability on O, and ppl who take the ball away on D.

This team is going to be one giant pain in the ass for every team that has to face us soon.


If I’m going to invest resources into the offense I’d rather them sign a veteran tight end to go with hockenson than a high priced wideout.

Do we really need a #1 next year? Reynolds has the speed to threaten deep and you’ll have st. Brown and Cephus ( who was also playing well) to work underneath with hockenson and swift. I’m thinking focus on the defense next year and look at the receivers the following draft.

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The upside of having so many needs is that you don’t have to fill any particular need right now. WR1 is a missing piece, and I probably think it’s a bigger need than you do. But it doesn’t have to be filled immediately.

I think we do. I totally agree that we’ve got guys who are developing into real contributors, and I’ve come off of my feeling earlier this year that we would need to go into 2022 with two new top WR (if not a total revamp). I think a true #1 guy could make this a top 10 type offense, and that’s a good reason to spend some resources. I’m agnostic to whether this is a high draft pick or FA, but I think it needs to be one of those.

That still leaves a lot of picks and cash to throw at the best talent available for the defense.

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I’m not saying it’s not a big need. I just think the defense needs to be the focus. We’re much more void of talent on that side than we are on offense. If Dan Campbell is going to be a run heavy offense I think we’re ok next year with Reynolds, Cephus, st brown and Raymond.

Horrifically badly. This WR core is absolute trash. Are there some pieces? Yeah. St. Brown and Reynolds are good. Outside of that is trash.

You guys expect too much out of Cephus.

If a WR1 is not added, we will continue to not be able to throw the ball, leading to us needing a perfect game to win like we are right now.


Cephus was starting to play well before he got hurt. Combine him with Reynolds, st brown and Raymond and they’re ok. Not game breakers for sure but good enough for one season. If we use the draft this year to build the defense we won’t need to be perfect to win. Our offensive line has proven they can run the ball even against stacked fronts. Getting ragnow back will only make them that much more dominant. If you give glenn more talent to work with this could be a very interesting team. Running the ball and playing good defense can win you a lot of games if you do both well enough.

Glenn has made this a decent, average defense with castoffs and players off the street. What do you think he’ll do with blue chip players added?


Yeah. They’re ok this season. Not next. And I’d say that they weren’t even good enough, because even with Goff and those receivers and the new playcalling, we scored 10 against Denver and 14 against Chicago. Not exactly exciting. Plus we had Hockenson in those games.

This receiving core is 32nd out of 32 teams and we’re trying to justify a 5th round pick being a starting WR in a prove it year for your QB because “he was looking good enough before he got hurt”

Is 2-12-1 good enough?

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The team has rallied around ground and pound ball control, with just enough pass to keep defenses honest. I don’t see them getting away from that philosophy moving forward. Just reading the tea leaf in the cup, as it were. I think getting defensive playmakers that can force turnovers will be the focus.

I want to upgrade home run ability

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For sure.

No it’s not good enough. You’re also talking about an offense run by Anthony Lynn and Dan Campbell calling plays for the first time ever. I want to see who our offensive coordinator is next season first. Next season we’ll also have decker and ragnow back for the entire season. The woes of this offense have gone way beyond the receiver corps.

The bottom line for me is that we’re very unlikely to compete next year. I want to see who the quarterback is going to be before we draft receivers. Different receivers are going to have different skill sets to compliment different quarterbacks. Golladay was a perfect example of that. Pro bowl receiver with stafford….practically invisible with Jones.

Build the defense with this draft. Evaluate the roster again next season and use the 2023 draft and free agency to finish the product.

We can go 9-8 realistically next season with the right additions. Might be a playoff team, might not. Depends on everyone else.

I think WR is our biggest need but I’m not of the belief that we have to go big in order to improve it.

I’d love to get a big physical WR either via the draft or FA. I think we have to get bigger and stronger at receiver.

However I think our defense desperately needs a stud LBer. I feel that the most benefit will come from a stud LBer. Man I wish we had drafted Parsons

But I think DC and company will continue to invest in our DL and OL.