Poll: Who would you rather play next?

  • Philadelphia
  • Tampa Bay
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We already beat Tampa
Bring them on and their non mobile QB

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I came here to post this same exact poll.

I want Tampa Bay but could go either way. My diehard Eagles fan son thinks they’ll lose tonight—he has no faith, said Patricia has ruined whatever is left of their credibility on defense, and that they’re not the same offense w/o AJ Brown.

I’m always going to pick the colder of the two teams. So Philly.

Tampa Bay by a mile, this shouldn’t even be a question.
Philly, for all their struggles, are super dangerous if they rediscover their form.

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I think I’ve changed my mind, give me the Eagles.

Gimme the Eagles. I desperately want to see the offense to light up Patricia’s defense. He single handedly almost made me stop liking this franchise.


This is that game:

No punts and 7-7 in the red zone

And always prayers for no injuries…

Tampa. Philly slumped down the stretch, but this is still the reigning conference champions we are talking about.

Doesn’t matter to me. The Philly storylines are better (Patricia, Slay, Swift) and I’m all for anything that propels the Lions into the forefront of the national conversation.


I want Baker to wreck fat matt’s rocket science defense.

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My thought exactly.

Philly still getting overrated here. Philly is a little more dangerous offensively, if they have a healthy AJ Brown with his head on straight, a big if. Tampa has the better defense. Seeing how Philly is imploding and finger pointing, I sure as hell don’t fear them. And since the Lions secondary makes every QB look like Tom Brady, give me the team with the terrible defense.

Already a poll on this :wink:

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Put me down for TB but I think we beat either team

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I want to end Patricia’s season.

Why would anyone choose Philli over Tampa? We have already beaten Tampa at their place, so we already know we can beat them here. I mean, look, we beat the Packers at their house and then we, eeeeerrrrr, uhhhh, well, uuuhhh we got killed when they came here. Alright, just forget I made the reply.

Only thing our defense does well is on stopping the run - which we seem to be able to do UNLESS the opposing team has a running QB. So i want tampa.

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