POLL - Will the Lions sign John Johnson/Marcus Williams in FA?

I don’t see us “breaking the bank” — although I wouldn’t really call it that — for anyone other than these two guys at the safety position in FA. Also considering we have the connections we do to these guys, I’m just curious as to what these numbers end up being.

Do the Lions spend for a new safety?
  • Yes
  • No

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Personally I’m not really sure. I can totally see it, because it fits so well, and both of these guys are 25, but I don’t know if Holmes wants to tie up that kind of money to anyone right now.

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they can have one for like couple million this year on cap . But they will be paid well over 5 year deal. I think one would be a solid investment.
Many want a good team but want to hold on to cap to pay 16 to 19 million for a WR that will be 30 when we are a lot better. I want to have two solid Safeties in 2022 not a top WR at close to 2 times what they will make .

Hope the answer is no. Draft one. It’s a marvelous safety class.

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An the one you draft what do u know about him? The one you pick to sign the FA you have staff who know them an how they play as pros.
We all know how may picks fail as pros every year its a gamble.
You may think its great class an it may well be but who knows how many really make it.

I just think these two are above most FA this year as quality signings. You pair them with Walker only problem i see is Walker is FA next season. But if they work great together we can find away if not Walker can walk.

I don’t think we sign more than couple top tier FA I think one of these guys would be ok.
We will know soon after FA starts they likely will be gone fast.

Our GM is a college scouting time that has been VERY proficient at finding DBs (safeties in particular). I’ll take my chances in this stellar class. If we can add picks I wouldn’t mind grabbing two safeties tbh.

Maybe a little insight into the market for safeties might be useful when considering a vote.


LaMarcus Joyner is at the bottom of the list with $10.5 million AAV.
Here is his deal and cap hits… signed 2 years ago when cap was about same as projected 2021 cap.


I don’t think Harmon is back and Harris hasn’t shown much. Not only do we need a starter but our depth needs help too.

Not to mention Walker is inconsistent.

Good news is that this safety class has some nice options in it.

My guess is that we not only sign one but we also draft one. We almost have too.

I could see us taking a run for FS Marcus Williams but he’s going to get a deal that is north of 10 mil a year.

He’s Young (24) and the Saints likely won’t be able to keep him.

SS John Johnson from the Rams could also be in play for us. Also Young (25). He would come cheaper maybe 7-9 Mil a year range.

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We did add Igwebuike,Godwin S 5’ 11" 213 off wire in Jan.

50-50 through 22. Interesting.

I’ll predict John Johnson’s AAV is closer to $12 million AAV than it is to $9 million.
And… over $20 million fully guaranteed… probably closer to $24 million.

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If it’s 12 million than we need to look for other options. That’s a little too much for a solid starter.

I agree and could still be ok with this. Just don’t think we’ll get him regardless. The parity in cap room this year is huge. Free agent talent at the top isn’t. Johnson will also want to get paid coming out of CA taxes + rookie contract. I could see him in Jacksonville or Miami

If he gets that much then I’d pass. Usually SS don’t bring what FS do. He’s a true SS.

He’s a good player but not 12mil good.

This. My new draft crush… Looking for an “identity?”

Agree 100%. I think John Johnson is a 9-10mil AAV guy. Anything over that and you are committing too much money at safety. I think Marcus Williams is probably closer to that 12-14mil AAV range and if thats the case then I am out on him too.

I would love to add Johnson, but the cost has to be right.


I’m good with that. Seems he’s likely to go in the second at this point.

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I’m fairly confident he brings north of 10mil a year.

At 10mil a year I am a buyer but at 14 Mil I’m going to pass and look for a cheaper option.

I think in today’s pass happy NFL, having good safety play is crucial to having a good pass defense.

Williams would be a solid get and if the contract is structured right I’d aggressively go after him.

But his price may have went up with the Broncos tagging Justin Simmons for the second year in a row.

I really think these guys will get snagged by other teams.with more to spend. They have an extra advantage this year bc of the cap situation and should capitalize even if it means overpaying. That’s the smart move. Miami having one of these 2 paired with their CB’s would be intimidating and I see that happening. Jacksonville is looking for stability to support their #1 draft pick from last year just like us but with more $ to spend. Because of their age and skill are some of the highest commodities on the market. Predict we will round out our roster in FA with solid experienced players on shorter contracts that allow us to better gauge what we have and a couple fliers.

Just wondering how do you guys view Tracy Walker going into 2021?

I view him as an average starting free safety. Hell
Definitely will be better than last season but won’t be an impact player just an average starter

I don’t agree- I’d consider both top 5-6 safeties in the NFL under 26 years old…

It’s pretty simple-

Is there a double digit edge available? Our best shot might be long term on Romeo who graded as a top 7-9 rusher last year despite playing on a D where nobody was creating pressure and funneling QBs to him.

So sign Romeo Okwara- if it’s 4 years and 48M so be it-

Is there a dominant DT available? I don’t see one outside of Williams who will likely get tagged or 20M per…

Is there a 115 tackle, 4-5 sack, 1-2 int LB available? Nope!

With a few restructures and cuts we will have the funds for Golladay, Romeo, and a top safety!

That’s a 1,100 yard WR with double digit td potential

A 25,year old edge who can play with his brother and challenge 9-10 sacks.

A ballhawk FS/SS who take get a few sacks and 3-5
Interceptions a year.

I would be year one cap hits are about 24-25M combine max

T Williams/Cephus
J Jackson
Big V/Dahl
T Crosby


Flowers/A Bryant
J Davis/rookie
J Okwara/R Okwara

Amani O
J Okudah
J Coleman/rookie
M Williams
T Walker/W Harris


We need a nickel CB, backup RB, slot WR, 5 tech, ILB and maybe RG in the draft…

  1. Trade down to Carolina- pickup a 3rd even
    1- M Parsons/C Barmore
    2- D Dixon/J Cox/
    3- E Moore
    3- A Samuel Jr/Paulson Adebo
    3- T Slaton- NT
    4- T Sermon/C Hubbard

Guys like E Moore and Sermon would fill in the offense nicely if they keep Kenny. Nice 2 big WRs, a promising 2nd year guy and perfect slot prospect to surround an OL I think will improve solely with coaching and a budding young TE

C Barmore/J Cornell
T Slaton/Penisini/Shelton
Hand/K Strong

J Davis/J Cox
J Collins/J Cox
R Okwara/J Okwara

M Williams
T Walker/Harris

We’d be set at DL, and in 2022 we’d only need replace Hand…

We’d be set at LB and Edge for 2021 and 2022

We should be set at safety and if Okudah pans out, definitely at CB for at least 3 years!!

Hand, Collins, and maybe Walker are all we’d have to replace next year-

On offense- only T Williams and Crosby!!!


  1. Edge
  2. RT
  3. WR
  4. DT/DE

Free agency- CB?

This could be a team in 2 years for sure