I may be going into Eugene around then. I have an active client there

I’ll be here

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Well, glad you guys can get together, I had to cancel. Flying down to Harlingen, Texas, to pick up my in laws truck while they come back to IOWA in a ambulance. Well, an RV being driven by paramedics, $13,500 to get from Texas to home. For him home now will be a nursing home. C’est la vie.

oh man. well, sorry you can’t make it, but it sounds like you have more important things to deal with. I hope your in laws are ok!

They’re in their 80’s, no one listened to me when I said they shouldn’t go back to Texas this winter, he was already failing. Uhgg, I need some time away, might come out later in April.

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I’ll have a cold beer waiting amigo

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