Possible Cuts that can help us

I truly believe this staff wants a dual-threat QB for their run heavy scheme, and will draft one next year. In the meantime I’d like them to make a move for Rams QB Bryce Perkins if cut.

TE Kahale Warring was released I remember discussion about him leading up to the 2019 draft. TE ain’t a huge need but I think he could help the team.

Definitely need to find a WR or 2, I’ll be paying close attention to teams like Tampa, Titans, Chiefs and Bill’s to see who they cut.

I don’t think any WR that could be a decent number 2 is getting cut. A 33 year old Golden Tate is probably our best shot at that. Even then it’s stretching it to expect him to be a solid #2 WR at his age.

I think Tate is looking to go to a contender. I know one of the teams he mentioned was the Rams. Can’t see us spending the kind of money it would take to get him to come here but I do live the guy.

Maybe. I’d kick the tires. He really seemed to love it here.

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33 is only “OLD” in the NFL, outside that?? he’s a young man still & yet. and 15 years younger than I am.-you wantOLD? look at Big Ben, Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers , and Brees. Tate is more about the cost and if he WANTS to come back.

I dont anticipate finding a 2 from the scrap heap, I’m hopeful we can find a couple 3’s.

I like St. Brown, Williams should be alrite, and Cephus is a bit underrated in my mind. If we can find 2 more players with those 3’s talent lvl I’d feel better about our group.

We need some different skillsets though. I think we’re lacking a true burner, and someone who can create YAC.

He loved it here because Stafford was here

I’d like to get a closer look at WR Jordan Veasy from the Texans, he’s a possible cut.

Your premise is flawed.

They traded for Goff, then they moved money around so that it’s more difficult to move on from him. He’s going to be the Lions QB this year and next, and they’d best be winning by the end of next season.

Did they though?

The Rams definitely traded for Stafford.

The Lions acquired Goff, but the draft capitol was the main part of the deal.

Had Trey Lance been available at #7, there is no doubt in my mind that the Lions draft him.

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Brad basically said that after the draft. They loved Lance

None of that makes sense.

If they wanted a running quarterback, you take the Carolina offer and draft Fields or Lance AND some other awesome player (Sewell).

Taking the LAR offer only makes sense if they view Goff as an asset, which every move since shows they do.


They ain’t married to goff.

If a starting QB goes down early in the season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him traded if the return is right.

In any event, this thread is supposed to be about possible cut players from other teams that could help us.

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Lance wasn’t available, maybe they didn’t like Fields.

Signing Perriman for $2mil and cutting him doesn’t make sense.

Why does it have to make sense. Something that makes sense today, might not make sense tommorow.

Campbell said he’d like a QB that can run and pass.

No reason to play a rookie QB on this team. Draft a guy next year and plan on him playing in 2023. Build a competitive team and then put a young talented QB in there…god, this team would get a rookie (or a backup) killed.

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I think Kalif Raymond is going to start in place of Perriman

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Also seems like some people have concluded that Lynn wants a running QB and an offense that runs more than it throws because that is what he did before… in 2016.

The truth is that Lynn inherited a team as OC built by Rex Ryan, who wanted the ground-and-pound offense and had hired Greg Roman as his OC to try to duplicate the Kaepernick offense Roman ran with 49ers.

Buffalo had to roll with Tyrod starting in 2015 after EJ Manuel failed and the Bills traded away their 1st round pick in 2015 when they traded up for Sammy Watkins in 2014. They had the 19th pick in 2016, and Ryan stuck with Tyrod. Lynn only became OC after Roman was fired after 2 weeks.

When Lynn was HC of Chargers, he had Rivers for 3 seasons. The signing of Tyrod Taylor seemed to indicate to some that Lynn wanted to go back to the run heavy offense he had in Buffalo.

However… anyone who believed that theory ignored the fact that Tyrod only got a contract of a “bridge” QB, and the Chargers proceeded to draft a new QB who really doesn’t run much despite good athleticism.

And if all that was not enough… the Chargers then allowed that rookie QB to throw 595 passes in 15 games. The Chargers threw 627 passes (5th most in NFL)… compared to 466 runs.

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I would say well maybe your premise is flawed.

All I’m saying is if the Rams cut Bryce Perkins, why not bring him in?

You guys wanna nitpick certain things I’ve said and completely derail the thread, but really it’s all irrelevant.

I said I truly believe the staff wants a dual threat QB.

Dan Campbell himself says he prefers a mobile QB. So there’s that.

Campbell made that comment in February… while he and Holmes were telling everyone that a QB was a possibility in the draft. Maybe it was… maybe it was just a way to keep other teams guessing.

And… Campbell’s actual quote was "would like a little more of a mobile QB, because in today’s game, it’s hard when you’re a guy that can’t move around in the pocket".


It’s the way the leagues going. The days of statues is dying. These kids are getting bigger, stronger and more athletic.

They absolutely want a more mobile QB than goff, and they’d be doing a disservice if they didn’t actively try to upgrade every position on the team.

I’ll say Holmes hasn’t been the type to throw the farm at a coveted piece yet, he seems pretty even keeled. But I’m confident he’ll identify and get the right guy.

For the record I don’t mind goff, and I dont think that they’re in a hurry to replace him.

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