Possible waiver claim? - RB Nate McCrary

Former SVSU RB Nate McCrary was released by Broncos, who needed to sign LBs due to injuries.
Should Lions make a claim?

McCrary led the Ravens in rushing in preseason.

Good athleticism and size.
Check that 3-cone, SS, and 10 yard split.

I would even if just used for awhile on ST .

Can we trade Collins to the waiver wire for this kid?

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Can he play corner?

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I might have high expectations… but I sure hope Holmes and pro scouting department are evaluating all positions… not just those with the most immediate need.

Considering that RB is a position with 1 of the highest injury rates… I would think they might be interested in an upgrade at the bottom of the roster.

Considering that the Broncos cut Royce Freeman to add Nate McCrary… and then at least 3 teams (Panthers, Raiders, Ravens) put in claims for Freeman… I would definitely consider McCrary.



It may come down to a decision.

Keep 27yo Godwin Igwebuike as RB #4
— or —

Claim 22yo Nate McCrary.

I would be just fine waiving Igwuibuike - I don’t really see a lot of downside to doing so.

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We actually cut him 5 games ago but nobody ever told him. But thru a glitch in accounting, he still gets a check every week. All we need to do is “fix the glitch,” and it will work itself out naturally.

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I feel like we’re gonna trade them Collins for Javonte!

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I said… NO SALT, NO SALT!!!

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Wow… that would be grand theft… its illegal.

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Carolina is working out 4 RBs today.
49ers have muliple injuries at RB.
Ravens may want to bring him back.

I am curious to see how this turns out.

Let’s see, we need WR’s and Secondary, desperately.
Yeah, use cap space on another RB.

Cap space?

He is on a UDFA rookie deal… making league minimum.

Roster spot, then.

Need 4 RBs on the roster.
Cut Igwebuike… claim McCrary… still have 4 RBs.

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Maybe, I guess.
At this point, I’d focus on helping the team, immediately. With starters.
But, sure. Why not.

I guess he isn’t good enough for the Lions 53 man…

but good enough for the Ravens to keep an eye on…