Post draft 2022 record expectations

  • 3 or less wins
  • 4-5 wins
  • 6-7 wins
  • 8-9 wins
  • 10-11 wins
  • 12-13 wins
  • 14 or more wins

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Thought they be between 7-9 wins before and still do after the draft.

I’m not expecting much of a bounce from Williams as I don’t expect him in the field until after game 10. Not expecting a ton from him until the very end of the season if that happens just from the time it will take for everyone to get accustomed to what he can do plus timing with Goff.

Going conservative with my expectations.

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I think anything less than 8-9 wins would be a major disappointment.

Lots of reasons for that. The # of close games on a tough schedule last year. The amount of injuries (yes, no guarantee that the injury bug doesn’t bite again…) Turnover in the roster…etc, etc.

Assuming injuries heal up from last year, an easier schedule, less turnover on roster (signing many of our own FA for example), and a whole year + now for Goff to settle in and make this team his own, this is why I think 8-9 is realistic.

Much hinges on the gamble that Goff can indeed step up and BE the leader that the Lions need. Can he do it? Can he step up and make THIS team his?

I think the jury is still out on that. There have been flashes, but we need more than flashes. We need consistent, quality level play from that QB position. I am rooting for Goff. I would LOVE for him to be successful here, find his groove, and play up to his potential.

If I am optimistic, I could see 9-10 wins. But again, I think 8-9 it realistic. Oh, and before someone thinks I’m “ok” with 8-9 wins, I’m not. I’m not content with 8-9 and missing the playoffs. I want more. Beating the Cowboys in ‘93 only lasts for so long…

Yes Spike, we are still working on it!


It’s hard to guess, if Goff plays well and guys develop and our schedule we could win 10-11 games. But I would say anywhere from 8 to 11.


Would you care to wager on that?

He could be starting on week 1. He was told 5-7 months and that he was ahead of schedule. 5 months means he’ll be ready for training camp. 7 months = prior to season.

To me it’s simple, stay reasonably healthy, especially your OLine and I believe you have a great shot at 10 plus

7 would be double what we won in 2021. But for the Packers, it would require 26 wins. Ouch.

Look, I’m expecting that. I have zero desire to see him rush back.

If he’s ready opening weekend, fucking awesome. If he’s not, I’m not disappointed.

He could be starting week one. He could be on the pup list. It’s May 1. It’s a long way until camp.

The schedule by itself gets us to 7. I hope the additions we’ve made gets us in the 9-10 range.

I think Hutch and Williams would result in +2 wins with last year’s schedule.
I figured 8-9 wins this year with an easier schedule, a full year to gel,( players and coaches/ scheme), and a healthy roster.
So add 2 wins for the players mentioned and I’m at 10-11.

Floor is 7 wins
Ceiling is 10w

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