Post-draft Look Around the NFC North - Who Moved the Needle THIS season?

I saw the draft hauls of Chicago, Green Bay, and Minnesota. I’m not impressed with any of them for this season. How have their off-season’s gone as a whole?

Any team you think we still have to fear to win the division this season if all things were equal, like officiating and the Lions beating themselves like any other year?

This season will be different and once-in-a-lifetime so why can’t it be different and once-in-a-lifetime for Lions fans too (optimism, not kool-aid sipping)?

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Just back from watching some more Swift hi lights.

Yeah - the rest of the division is in deep shit. Linos are coming MFrz


All 3 have had sub par off seasons. GB did nothing. But they are still good and Rodgers might go bananas. 13-3 until proven otherwise. But they didn’t improve. Chicago has no plan whatsoever. They’re a disgrace and both HC and GM will probably be broomed after this season. Minnesota lost Diggs, Griffen, Joseph, and Rhodes (even though he sucks). They’re going through a transition phase but they are average and better than the Lions. I don’t think the Lions have had a great off season. But none of the others have. Any ground the Lions made up is very minimal. I don’t think this team goes better than 6-10 and that’s generous. The NFCN will be the worst division in the NFL next year.

The NFC North doesn’t have a top 5 team in the conference.

Here are my conference rankings:

  1. Tampa
  2. Dallas
  3. San Fran
  4. New Orleans
  5. Philly
  6. Seattle
  7. Green Bay
  8. Arizona
  9. Minnesota
  10. La Rams
  11. New York Giants
  12. Atlanta
  13. Chicago
  14. Detroit
  15. Washington
  16. Carolina

I thought the Lions were the worst team but they’re not.

By week 1 that list will be 50% wrong. By week 5 75%. Rankings don’t mean a damn thing right now.


Iggy would you like to bet 100 dollars we’re better then 6-10 and I’ll bet you another 100 that we are not the 3rd worse team in the NFC ?

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