Potential cuts league-wide

OTC has a list of guys who could get cut this offseason and there’s some interesting names on it (Carlton Davis, Tre’Davious White, Josh Sweat, BJ Hill, DeMarcus Lawrence, etc…). I thought it was worth talking about. And remember, signing guys who have been cut doesn’t count against the comp pick formula.


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Carlton Davis? Not really seeing that. Everyone in the z South (excluding CAR) I guess seems in kick the can/winnnow mode given the state of the division.

He’d be ideal.

Agreed. I don’t know that he’ll get away but he almost did last year (or maybe it was a couple of years ago now), and they’re up against the cap pretty tight with Evans, Baker, David, Winfield and Stinnie needing to be re-signed. They’ll probably extend Wirfs too, though I suspect that will be structured to actually help out.

I think Evans is gone. KC is my guess.

The TB beat guys seem pretty convinced he’s saying. I think I saw someone say Baker was 100% while Evans was 90. We’ll see.

Agreed. We’ll see. Baker publicly campaigning for it struck me as a Hail Mary but I could be off on that.

Mike does have a ring so he doesn’t have to chase.

Although with Davis if we inherited that contract we’re basically where we’d be with Kendall Fuller per year. They strike me as a similar level of player. Someone like Awuzie although perhaps a step down would cost less and get us close to the same spot.

If he’s cut would we inherit that contract? He wouldn’t go through waivers, right?

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Pretty sure waivers only applies to cuts during the season. Could be wrong on that one.

@DeadStroke prob knows

Probably knows? PROBABLY?

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After the trade deadline, everyone is subject to waivers, but if you are a vet (more than 4 accrued seasons) and are claimed during this time AND you are under contract for the following season, you can opt for UFA at the start of the next season (actually not sure if the player can opt or if it is automatic).

Players with less than 4 accrued seasons are always subjected to waivers.

Carlton Davis, if cut, will not be subjected to waivers, he can sign where ever he wants.


Darious Williams may get cut. He’s 30 and tiny but he can still really cover. Or could as of a month ago. That can change quickly with corners on that side of 30 though.

D.J. Reed has a similar profile but is three years younger. He’s a potential cut due to the emergence of the other Michael Carter. Kind of wild that they drafted Michael Carters in back to back rounds.

Wirfs is due to count $18.6 mill on his 5th year option….

Jawaan Taylor cost the Chiefs $6 million for 2023….
with a $20 million AAV and $60 mill guaranteed over 3 years.

They can definitely save some money by extending him. :+1:

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