Potential Lions Draft Target - Rice WR Luke McCaffery

First off, let me start by saying I hate nepotism. I don’t care who your brother, or mommy and daddy are, I only care about merit and what an individual brings to the table. That being said, I think that Luke McCaffery could be a very, very, special and unique weapon for the Detroit Lions in Ben Johnson’s offense, one who could wreak mind-blowing havoc with this team.

McCaffery spent the first three years at Nebraska as a QB. In his own words, it never really clicked for him, which is a shame, because let me tell you, he has a plus arm and can really put some zip into it, really. His arm and running chops are no joke.

I would feel completely comfortable with having McCaffery on the roster as a 3rd string emergency QB option and not have to waste a roster spot. Added value that is unique, and seriously, can you contemplate the kind of plays that Ben could draw up to take advantage of those skills?

After transferring to Rice, McCaffery transitioned to Wide Receiver, and he really is a good package just in that role alone. Here’s what one person had to say. His Father’s Son: Luke McCaffrey, WR, Rice
I don’t really care for how the author leans into the familial angle, but I do agree with the nuts and bolts of the actual analysis. I LOVE this kids hands! Check them for stick-um! His ability to make clean catches away from his body and ball tracking skills are really top notch, which is important, because he doesn’t always get separation you would like to see at this level of competition that I look for when contemplating how a receiver would fit with Goff. However, I can see it working in this particular case with the way he uses his extended arms to create their own separation from the coverage.

Check out the best of his senior year at Rice.

As a 3rd-5th option on the Lions stacked offense, McCaffery’s unique skillset holds the opportunity to truly blow the top off with multi dimensional versatility. Picture a reverse that turns into a bomb to Jamo, a flea flicker, an empty set backfield where he comes in motion and sets up at RB. Your imagination is the only limitation with a weapon like McCaffery.


And has little clue where it’s going.

I do like his potential at WR. He’s always been dangerous with the ball in his hands.

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6 or 7th rd …sure …why not.


As a QB only, no, definitely he made the right made the right choice to become a WR, but as a gadget in the arsenal. Hoo boy, me likey!

I like him and wouldn’t mind him on the team

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it would be nice to have a good wr but im thinking about who would he replace, josh reynolds drops alot but most wrs do, josh has some good games but not all the time so maybe this can be a seconds string wr

And as far as nepotism I more so view it as pedigree which I value quite a bit.


The idea I’m assuming to upgrade wherever you can… if he is available and at the right draft position and they like him?!

Do it….

Same thing we did with Swift …. We got Gibbs and DM

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Put 20lbs on the kid and turn him into Taysom Hill

I love him as a prospect


I like this kid as a weapon. He can do a little bit of everything.

I like him as a wr/rb/returner. I wouldn’t want him as a qb on the depth chart.


I’m not quite sure where he fits in the offense. I like the kid, he just seems like he’d be better off on a team that can put him in the slot (60%+ of his WR snaps in college). Personally, I’d prefer more of a traditional outside X type if we’re adding to the room since we’re already pretty wealthy on guys who can play inside.


Yeah I don’t see the value in this offense with Goff. Maybe if hooker was the starter. Most of his highlights look like Tennessee deep balls

Luke McCaffrey Rice University

Jack Fox Rice University

@BigNatty makes sense right???

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Dan was in New Orleans when Brees and Taysom were there.

I can see him in an expanded Taysom Hill role.


Exactly! Goff pose no threat to run. He has similar traits to Cooper kupp imo


Yeah, I really don’t see it the same. Luke isn’t anywhere the runner or blocker that Hill is. I see Luke as a slot WR who can take some reps out of the backfield and occasionally throw the ball if you want a gadget play. Aside from the arm, we already have guys at WR who do exactly what Luke does and probably do it better.

Is Hendon an option in this role?

What team have you been watching? Eliminating the SF game, Reynolds is one of the most sure handed receiver that we have.

I’m still pissed about the cheap shot his brother took. He never seemed the same after this.

arsb is our best wr