Pounding the table for Daviyon Nixon in R2

I know my love for Daviyon is well documented but I thought I would post it one more time.

Here is a snippet from Daniel Jeremiah’s write up that I just posted in the 2nd round thread but I think it needs its own discussion.

How in the world is the 4th overall athletic scoring DT prospect of the last 8 years getting so disrespected?

DJ’s Big Board Ranking: No. 119

Production Score: 87

Athleticism Score: 94




Nixon, a former junior college transfer turned first team All-American, checks all the boxes when it comes to projecting a player’s future pro success. At 6-3 and 313-pounds, with 35-inch arms, Nixon ran a blazing 4.86 40 at his pro day, a time that would seem far-fetched if not for the 71-yard pick-six he put on tape last November. Nixon’s 95 overall draft score ranks behind only Quinnen Williams (99), Aaron Donald (98) and Ed Oliver (96) among defensive tackles invited to the NFL Scouting Combine since 2013. That type of company may make Nixon a coveted player come Saturday.

This should be the pick at 41. BITE THOSE FRICKEN KNEECAPS on both sides of the trenches

I like him a lot, but not at 41.

If the Lions traded down into the 50-51 range, then by all means.

Nixon is my choice too if Elijah Moore is gone. Big 10 Defensive player of the year and his game just keeps getting better. Sewell made the O better because the running game and passing game should have just gotten better. Nixon, well, we wouldn’t see RB’s running untouched at full speed at our LB’s and pressure on the QB makes it easier on the secondary.

He’s number 2 on the bleacher report scouting department’s best available.


I like Barmore better because I think Barmore hasn’t even scratch the surface of what he’s capable. He was really starting to grow as a player last year.

Nixon would be a nice option in a trade down scenario. He’s more of a penetrating type where Barmore is more versatile.

Nixon might make it to our round 3 pick.

This years draft has a lot of meat in it available between round 2-3. I’d like to see us add another pick in there. I am all for trading down a little.

I love Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, Florida State, but it seems he may be available in the 3rd.
Tackle machine and he’s really big.


wow, he’s listed as prospect rank 103 at ESPN

disclaimer: I know nothing about who has more accurate ratings or Nixon at all, just surprised at the difference.

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Mel Kiper, in his very first draft ranking back in December, had Nixon at #10.

There may be some boom/bust there but the upside is Geno Atkins like. I’m open to it if JOK isn’t available.

dang! From top 10 to 103?

What’s the love/hate about Nixon that makes him polarizing?

Because you have links to about 100 different sites, that’s how many opinions you have. Mel’s original Top 10 was spot on, he changed it about 10x since then because that’s how he makes money. Then the fact that the entire DT class has been deemed as sub par this year, and here we are. It doesn’t change who Nixon is.

I get that, but usually in my experience there aren’t too many prospects that are rated top 10 and also 100+ There’s usually a consensus.

So I’m curious, if you know, why some sites have him listed that high and others so low? I could look it up myself, but I’d like to hear your case for him.\


The post from Freebird calls him a Day 3 gem. Top 10 overall… Day 3… The write up on him looks impressive

Couldn’t agree more. For the record I’ve been stating this isn’t a bad DT class for months.

Barmore and D Nixon both have some Fletcher Cox to their games… their per games numbers in college were better than F Cox, D Payne, G Atkins, M Brockers, and even Gerald McCoy.

Look at the tape, stats, and pro day numbers of

Levi O
A McNeil

Then look at D Brown, J Kinlaw, and R Blacklock last year.

It’s kid of like seeing a 180 pound guy who is a built 5’9.5” with 4.35 speed, 17 reps and 3 years of great tape and stats still sitting there while Toney and Waddle are way gone

PFF had Nixon ranked as the No. 114 overall prospect, but I think in every single simulation I ran, Nixon never lasted past the very top of Round 3. He was always taken between roughly No. 55 and 68.

There wasn’t a single defensive tackle drafted in the first round.

Maybe it’s not a bad class, but when every team drafting in the first round passes on a defensive tackle, then that says something. Not bad, not elite?

Would 10 picks really matter?
If you like a player, you go get them.

Pick No. 41 is an asset.

If trading down allows you to improve another asset (for example, turn No. 101 into a mid-third round pick in the 80s), and there’s substantial chance you would get the same player at No. 51 as you would at No. 41, then you do the deal.

so many prospects i like at 41. Nixon is a hard pass for me. Elijah Moore tops my want list. JOK, Holland, Marshall, Barmore, Samuel are all prospects i would love to have. trading back a few spots to add a day 3 pick or two i would like also.

i dont think the lions can miss in round 2 with any of the best available