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den mock draft



If you got time I would love to see yours thanks

That’s about 40 picks too late for Phillips IMO. Be lucky if he fell to 48. I do really like him tho.

And I have no issues with your offseason targets. cheap, rotational types sounds about right. That’s what I am expecting as well.

The all offense 1st round is nuts lol, but you are clear that that’s what you want to do.

Offseason, we see it similar. Draft, we couldn’t see it differently lol. I fully expect 3-4 offensive players drafted. I just expect the majority of them to be the 3rd round or later.

If it’s Jailin Carter and Branch or Spoon/Gonrigo ok cool

Seattle is gonna screw us tho I know it

@JD9 so post yours . You critique everybody but have yet to see yours ???

My mock? Sure…

6 DT Jalen Carter
18 CB/S Devon Witherspoon/Brian Branch
48 CB/S Clark Phillips/Jordan Battle
55 WR Cedric Tillman/Rashee Rice
81 IOL Matt Bergeron/Steve Avila
(Really liked Vorhees before the injury)
Possibly a TE like LaPorta here too.

Day 3 i like a lot of positions. I think getting an RB in this draft is important because theres so much depth. If we went TE in the 3rd, a guard is a must add imo.

Last pick probably should be a QB. Would like to come out of the draft with a linebacker but we only have 8 picks. Hoping to add a day 3 pick or two.

Do I critique a lot of peoples mock drafts? I don’t think so. If someone critiques mine I welcome it. How else am I going to look into my blind spots? There are a lot of knowledgeable posters here. You can learn a lot from criticism and discussion.

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Cool , got it. Looks like my mock 1.0 but I just don’t think we will be as fortunate for Carter at 6 and those DB at 18. If it goes like this awesome. Tillman I like to replace Chark good call.

That’s why I don’t really post mine. It can change every week. Like I never would’ve thought Branch was possible at 18, but he didn’t test very well. Witherspoon has yet to test so I don’t think it’s that big a reach he makes it to 18. The eagles probably take the 1st DB at 10 if we don’t. I don’t think we can get Carter there either but the chances have increased over the last week or so.

If we have to go elsewhere at 6 I have a bunch of possibilities I like at 18. You created a poll last week and had several I would take.

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