Pre season rankings

The Lions hold PFF’s 2nd best overall rating through 2 preseason games. 3rd in overall offense, 19th in defense, 3rd in special teams.

Would like to see that defense number tick up. Really hope we pick up a run stuffing DT


Mostly, been impressed by the play of the special teams. Defense, #31 to #19 seems like a healthy jump. Still very early, but love the progress.



And go compare last years two preseason games to those two: night and day baby!!


As I put in an earlier thread, I am a big proponent of Special Teams so am ecstatic how well they have been playing. I really do feel we will win or lose games this year based solely on ST.

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My biggest positive takeaway is these kids look well coached. They didn’t come out clueless and unprepared like they did under Patricia


Agree 100 percent. I feel a lot of it is respect, and imo these group really respect Campbell and that is starting to pay dividends on the field. I am very excited to see this team continue to grow.

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what was last years preseason rankings

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Nice call… I have no clue how to find them in this labyrinth called the internet

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The defense is young/new. I think they gel as the season goes on and finish inside 15 ranking. Probably not by much.
If the offense and special teams numbers hold up and the defense can hit 15 or better, this is a playoff team.

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I don’t care too much about the rankings, it’s preseason. But one thing that does matter, is the openness about what they’re doing in the preseason games. The basic defenses. The honesty about them being in basic defenses. Only game planning for 30 minutes for the games. Not making excuses, but being honest.

That way when fans see the defense getting sliced and diced, they can relax a bit because everyone knows why. The players can do their assignments. Know they’re being graded on doing what they’re supposed to. The coach has their back and isn’t going to run to the media shifting blame because they looked bad. Campbell may not have been happy with some of the stuff from that first game, but he threw no one under a bus.

Just more professional that what we saw under Fatty.


If our defense jumps up to 19th this season we’re going to win a good amount of games. I’d take that kind of progress any day.

Fun fact for you. I mentioned this is another thread, but Dan Campbell in his first coaching stop (Dolphins) coached with Dave Kipp. Campbell also said Kipp was one of the first calls he made when he got the Lions’ gig. So it appear MCDC agrees with your sentiment on special teams, as Kipp has not only done well for us, he has a very impressive NFL resume.

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Agreed. If we could be in that 18-22 range we will be alright

Sorry to be that grammar police but you spelled Pre-Season RUN KINGS wrong!

That’s my thought. If we’re upper teens that means we have a league average defense. At this stage in the rebuild I’ll take that. Especially after watching our defense be bottom of the league most of the last 7 years.

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Win against Philly!

Bump the rankings!!

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