Predict KC /49 ers score

KC wins 31 -21

49ers 33 Taylor Swift 3


49ers win.
Beyond sick of Mahomes and especially the Kelce commercial barrage throughout the season


I’m WAY more sick of the Gronk commercials. That guy really makes me physically cringe every time I see him try to “act”

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Kansas City: I don’t care, San Francisco: I don’t care.

I will watch the game, the commercials, the halftime, and I’ll be social. I will watch because the NFL knows if you miss a Super Bowl, and then you have to re-apply for citizenship, I think.

But I don’t have to care.

You aren’t wrong on Gronk
For me it was the Kelce commercial content…every week, sheesh time to move past the BS.

SF 27
KC 26

Vegas wins again

And I for one, am good with that.

Cause he’s legit bad at it too.

Maybe if KC wins Travis will follow is brothers steps. Plus f 49ers

23 to 20

San Fran

I have 0-0 in my 50 dollar squares.

Pays 1250 a quarter

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KC 20
SF 10
Just for you, @Bols

I predict a KC victory. It’s going to leave me hollow inside. I can’t look at a choking hazard warning and not think of the Lions.

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Dont care: 0
Dont care: 0

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Oh please no. That means overtime.

27-21 niners

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F-ck the Superbowl !!!

49ers - 33

Kelcy’s master- negative 3. And her plane has a flat tire.

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