Predicting Where The Top 30 NFL Free Agents Will Sign

Lions number 1 target gotta be a Cabinda replacement to take this run game to hall of fame level.

If we pass on Bundy, first name AL from Polk High then Holmes should be fired immediately.


I thought it was funny the article makes it seem hard for the Lions to keep Jonah but SF can find the cap space easily.

The Lions have more flexibility in their cap space than SF does. If DET wants to they can easily resign him.


Not just that but SF signing him and then “doing cap magic” to keep Chase Young lol

Still sticking with 2 low #1’s for Crosby, see if Uncle Fester bites. Understood it would suck with the draft being here.

He did just add a half sack in which he and Fred Warner were near Kyler Murray when he ran out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage. Sideline to sideline impact or something like that.

There is quite a bit of ridiculousness in that article. Snead for 3/30m? Good luck with that. He may just hit 20m AAV. Hunter getting more than Allen or Madibuike if all were to avoid franchise tags is very unlikely as well on account of age.


Really a shame he got injured, obv, but assuming it deflates his asking price and value I’d like to see him return for another 1-year deal.

AGAIN: if the Lions can just shore up that defense…

Fuller 3 years 40 mil
Reader 3 years 45 mil
Clowney 1 year I say 12 mil not 15

That’s 3 guys in the top 30 free agents

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I think Cousins is getting significantly more money than anyone is projecting. Though some of it may be escalators/incentives.

Where’s he going ?

New England??

Fuller would be fine. I’d dig Frankie Luvu and Bryce Hugf at those prices.

I mean…let’s just do 3yr 31 mil for him and call it a day


I wonder how much value Hooker would have in a trade to the Raiders. They are in a spot where they dont suck enough to draft a QB, there currently starting QB has no future and they need a cheap option because Jimmy makes too much to bring in another Vet.

Could we trade them Hooker, 24 2rd, 25 1rd.

I think Jonah will be back. Keep the band together.

The Lions need help at CB but I’m not sure free agency is the way to go. Spend our available $ keeping our core together.

Too many future needs like Jonah, Alim, Goff, Amon Ra and on.

I feel the same - depends on how they see him? Great backup, or stud?
Never let 'em walk for free

Is John Lynch a genius or lucky?

He lands via trade, the best LT in the league for very little in return, lands the best RB in the NFL for a little more than very little in return and lands a top EDGE to complement Bosa for very little. Not only are they more than likely able to extend all 3 but keep their own studs as well (Bosa, Warner, Debo, Aiyuk, Kittle, Armstead) Toss in signing one of the top UFA’s last year on D and now they are predicted to land two of the top 25 UFA’s from the next crop?

Is this mostly due to him getting lucky with Purdy whose cap hit for the next couple of years is $30/year LESS than Goffs? Whatever, it’s impressive, I dont really see other teams loading up on stars like the 9rs have.

There are posters here who dig a lot deeper than I do but on the surface it seems drafting Purdy gives them unbelievable resources they would not normally have. So was that luck or skill?

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Almost impossible to read.

Lions will win the off season then the super bowl.


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it worth it!

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Didn’t the 49ers pay Jimmy G a whole lot of $ until this season? Brick being affordable is irrelevant if his back up is making crazy $.