Predicting Where The Top 30 NFL Free Agents Will Sign

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Maxx Crosby signed a four year, $94 million contract with the Raiders on March 11, 2022. Crosby received $53 million in guarantees of which $26.515 million is fully guaranteed at signing.

So what are we on the hook for, after we trade for this guy?


What makes you think they will trade him ? Crosby probably the one guy they wouldn’t trade. Unless you give them the world and pics

But I would be all in on him


I think you are most likely right…but ya never know…

Maybe their GM is friends with Kwesi?


The dude is the perfect fit here thou , he is exactly what you want he got grit and some knee cap ability.

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I love how badly he wants to play here too. That’s why I really keep harping on it. Literally perfect here in every imaginable way.


Some of the ends that they have moving on (not being tagged) is surprising to me. I’d be happy with several of them.

Crosby would be the dream, but Chris Jones would be awesome, too.

It’s funny that they have Calvin Ridley going to the Chiefs. He’s super talented but drops a lot of passes. You would think they have had enough of that.

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Prediction: Hunter signs a 5-year/$140 million deal with the Detroit Lions

Have a hard time seeing Moneyball Brad Holmes doing a deal like that for a player who will turn 30 when October 2024 rolls around.


I want us to sign Fuller
Resign Jackson
Resign CJGJ
Sign a vet wr
And draft up front players


I would be all over Snead for that price.

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Agreed. But the first couple years of Hutch and Hunter bookending that DL? Worth every penny.

Some good corners on that list.

Not where they go, but projected contract value.

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Superstar Chase Young is projected to get one year 15 million but Ive been told repeatedly he’s bringing back a comp pick

The Bears are signing everyone

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That would be a hell of a free agency for the Texans.

Also I have a really hard time believing Gardner-Johnson isn’t better than some of the guys on that list, although with each passing day I really do think he’s going to end up back here next year.


they’ll destroy their cap situation in 8 minutes

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