PREDICTION: Chicago - Detroit #1

Classic trap game? Or do we keep it going. Fields back.

Predict the winner and margin of victory for the Bears vs. Lions game at Ford Field
  • Lions (1-3 points)
  • Lions (4-8 points)
  • Lions (9-16 points)
  • Lions (17-34 points)
  • Lions (35+ points)
  • Bears (1-3 points)
  • Bears (4-8 points)
  • Bears (9-16 points)
  • Bears (17+ points)
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Fields will probably be back yes? so that will be an issue with him running around. good primer for hobbs later on.

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Yesterday showed us that the opponents can score 30+ points and still lose.


Also, they will have had ten days off. Still, I think we smoke them. AG should be pissed.

We win.

That’s too easy, brother. How much?

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Back at home and you know the defense is going to want to bounce back. Offense is at full strength.

The bears are limiting teams to the lowest YPC in the league running the ball this year. Might be a good test for the run D.

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That’s too easy, brother. How much?

That has been my response to every one of these threads.

I think its going to look a lot like the Raiders game, except we will score more Td’s than FG’s.

We will run the ball a lot, dominate TOP, and end up winning big.

So you thought you were going to get away with it all year? :grinning:

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Apache helicopters and nuclear warheads vs children with sticks


Hey, they are 7-2 so I ain’t changing things up.


Lions 31-17


first time that there is not one prediction for the other team. about 15 minutes left to get your entry in.

Made it in…

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I have a feeling the Lions are going to turn this into a circus and put up 50+ on da bears

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The Lions pull a bunch of starters in the second half because they’ll have a big lead and they want to keep people healthy for Thanksgiving. Expect Teddy Bridgewater to play.

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My prediction as well

Such a great post! ■■■■ the Bears!

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