PREDICTION: Denver Broncos vs. Detroit Lions

We sure could use a solid win.

Predict the winner and margin of victory
  • Detroit squeaker (1-3)
  • Detroit one score (4-8)
  • Detroit comfortable (9-16)
  • Detroit blow-out (17+)
  • Denver squeaker (1-3)
  • Denver one score (4-8)
  • Denver comfortable (9-16)
  • Denver blow-out (17+)
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The Lions haven’t lost two games in a row all season and are at home, so I think they will win, but don’t have enough confidence to project a score.

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Sorry, boys. I don’t like the matchup.
Top 5 defense the last few weeks.
Middle-top offense (12th in scoring the last 3 week) against our guys? Even with an old, confused, slow Wilson, he’s the guy that our defense hates to play. Couple that with Sean Payton, who knows our weaknesses better than Dan Campbell knows our weaknesses?

Payton’s praying for the coin-flip already, wanting to get his offense out there against our D.

35-6 Lions

This team reaffirms who they are in dominant fashion in primetime. Dan’s increasing intensity gets rid of all the soft, undisciplined shit we’ve seen for a month and a half.

Also Denver is due for a letdown game.

Also also both years under Dan we’ve been good for one blowout win at home late in the year.
2021: 30-12 vs. Cardinals
2022: 40-14 vs. Jaguars, 41-10 vs. Bears

We haven’t gotten that yet this year


That is some next-level consolation right there. Beautiful. I can feel the love from here. That’s the hug we all need after losing to the Bears.

I really hope Denver doesn’t take the first possession right down the field for a TD. The crowd will turn in a hurry if that happens.

We need to be the ones who strike first, and hopefully keep the crowd happy the entire game.

Like it or not, disagree with it or not, there are a whole lot of Lions fans out there wondering if this really is the SOL.

It’s a recurring theme. Teams know what they want to do against us.


299 yard total offense average for the Broncos during that three game stretch. Limit turnovers and we will be fine. Can we limit turnovers?

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Can we? Of course. Will we? Remains to be seen.

Glasgow has always been good for 1 gaff per game. Hopefully it’s at Guard this week and not Center.

Its Jamo time. We win by 10.

I just can’t, in confidence, pick the Lions to win this game. I hope they win, but all signs are pointing to another shaky performance. This team has not been the same since the Ravens beat them down.

I’m going Denver comfortable here, but I do think there is a chance this the kind of game where the wheels just fall off and Denver goes wild.

Denver isn’t blowing out the Lions. I think it’s a close game but if one team wins by double digits it’ll be us.

And Green Bay wasn’t beating the Lions on Thanksgiving. And the Lions were getting back on track vs. the Saints. And the Lions weren’t losing to Chicago.

Some of you guys talk with such certainty every week that I can’t believe the Lions aren’t 13-0.


Maybe that’s it. Or perhaps you’ve got your negativity defense mechanism fully engaged :man_shrugging:

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Oh, I definitely do - I am fully prepared for the Lions to drop every remaining game. I’m open to the idea they could turn it around, though. I just haven’t seen anything in the last 7 weeks that would give me any sort of confidence in saying ‘Denver isn’t blowing out the Lions’.

I still maintain that the 1:40 second meltdown at the end of the third quarter masks how much better our defense was this last week.

If we can consistently at that level defensively and find our offensive groove again we can be dangerous.

Offense I’m split on. I’m concerned that Ben seems short of new answers at the moment but I’m also heartened by what I do believe is tremendous talent on that side of the ball.


Lions win 27-20. Lions run for 250+. Lions play bully ball trotting out Dan Skipper for 40% of the snaps.

Last two times I picked the Lions to win, they lost. I’ll pick Denver by 6. Really think Detroit needs this one or things start to spiral.

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4 down Campbell
Never uses punter
24 - 21 lions in a nailbiter